Austin's procedure

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Austin's procedure

Hey guys,
Just wanted to give a little update on Austin. I took him in to the dr. a couple of weeks ago b/c he had a fever and bad cough. He is fine now, but the dr. found something semi-concerning when we went in for the visit.

(I'm copying some of this from my journal so I can remember all the details).
Austin's frenulum (piece of skin that attaches from your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) is probably going to have to be clipped. He has been tongue-tied since he was born (so is DH), and his dr. has always known about it, but he has never thought it to be a problem till now. When the dr. asked him to stick out his tongue so he could look at his throat last week, he noticed some scar tissue on the frenulum which could mean that Austin is trying to push his tongue out farther than it wants to go, basically tearing it. The dr. said that his mouth is (obviously) continuing to grow, but the frenulum will not grow to keep up with his mouth, so it will likely cause speech problems and other issues. Austin cannot say his "TH's" and his "L's", which makes sense, because those both involve the tongue. The dr. said he rarely ever has to recommend that the procedure be done on a child this old, it is mostly something done on babies, which indicates that he thinks it is something pretty serious, that needs to be taken care of at this point. Austin will have to go under sedation, but it is a pretty short and fairly common procedure, I think.

We have a consult with the ENT dr. who will do the procedure tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Have you guys ever known anyone who has had this done? I don't think I remember any of our Junebuds ever having this done, but I could be wrong. I will update more after our appt. tomorrow.

Other than that, we are doing fine. I am sorry I don't update more often! I do visit the board every day!

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don't know much about it, but thoughts and prayers for him! Please let us know how everything goes!

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Hoping and praying for the best!

Eliza is not tonque tied but she also cannot say Ls or Ths.

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Thoughts and prayers for you guys. Please KUP.

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Good luck! KUP on how he does. I hope it isn't a long recovery for him!

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My sister had two tongue tied kids. They were both clipped as infants, though. At that age it was really minor and they were all better in no time. Good luck! I think the sedation will be the worst part.

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Good luck. All my thoughts and prayers are with you. KUP.

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It's very normal for him not to have the Ls & Ths up to the age of 6 or 7. That being said, I would definitely still have the procedure done because it could cause problems down the line. I have a speech therapist for a friend, and she always checks friends' newborns out to see if they are tongue tied or not. The first thing she said to me when she met my son was, "He's got a GREAT tongue!" lol.
Anyway, I'm sure it will be a very quick procedure, and you can spoil him with some ice cream afterward! Good luck!

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Henry's speech therapist was telling me she had someone who had needed it done, and it didn't sound like they were an infant either, but of course she didn't say a whole lot about it, as she was over to work with Henry. Good luck! It is scary to see our little ones undergo things like this, but it sounds like it must be necessary.

On a different note, I thought you said you were on Facebook, but I never found you......please message me if you want to be my FB friend :bigarmhug:

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Thank you guys for all the support and information! I'm so glad a couple of you talked about the TH's and L's, that makes me feel better that maybe it's not all related to his being tongue-tied. We had our consult yesterday and the dr. said he will do so much better after this procedure. At this point, he has almost no mobility to his tongue at all. He can barely stick it out, and when he does, it is like a little snake tongue with a big divet in the middle. Smile The surgery (procedure) is scheduled for May 19 very early in the morning. Will update more after that! Thanks again!

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Ethan is also tongue tied, but only to the point of a heart shaped tongue when he sticks his out, and his has been evaluated by both ST's we've worked with, neither felt it was impacting his speech. Our ped is also aware of it but doesn't feel it necessary to clip it, however 2 dentists have told us we should. Our current dentist has a laser that he'll do it with, but he said it can wait until Ethan is older and can sit still, he said it will be painless though. Our old dentist wanted us to see an oral surgeon. But, when I do these in the nursery at work we use and ENT. I know on the babies it is a matter of seconds, and almost no bleeding at all, we send them out to their mama's to eat within 5-10 minutes. I help hold baby still, the ENT will use gauze to dry the area under the tongue, do a quick snip, and hold a little pressure under the tongue for a few seconds. Some even use a little numbing medicine on it (topical) before.

Hopefully the sedation they use on Austin is so light he won't even need an iv...I think it'll go really quick Wink GL and KUP!

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I will keep you in my prayers but I'm sure Austin will come thru the procedure like a trooper. Adrian had to be sedated last year when he had an MRI, and it was really not a big deal. He couldn't eat anything after supper the night before, but we did have the procedure very early in the morning. The mask scared him a little, and to this day he sometimes tells me "Mommy, the doctor isn't going to make me smell the strawberries is he?" (because the gas smelled like strawberries). Good luck and keep us posted. Oh, and Adrian can't say his L's either.

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I hope everything goes smoothly! We also have "L" problems. Grant plays with "Yegos" and wants yoyyipops. But you're right- if left long enough, that frenulum issue will cause speech problems.