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How much does your June Bud help with bathing? At what age (for those with older children) can I expect him to take over the majority of the work at bathtime?

Having three, bath night can be a little hectic, especially when DH isn't home. It's like an assembly line sometimes. Fill tub, put one in, scrub, rinse, dress, drain the tub, repeat 2 more times. Smile I haven't really taken the time to work with Hayden on how to wash himself, so I was curious if others his age or taking part in washing, or if I'm way behind on this.

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Brandon does everything but wash his hair. I basically put him in the bath and wash his hair and then I give him his kids loofah with soap on it and he washes himself now. It wasn't too hard to teach him how to wash his body. Then he plays for a bit and then he's done.

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exactly like Lenora. Except I sometimes ask one of the older ones to do his hair and then I don't have to be involved. Biggrin I think sometime pretty soon I'll let him learn to do it on his own.

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Guess we are behind, then! lol I cringe at the thought of him being responsible for washing himself, though. I can barely trust him to go in the bathroom and do his business in a timely manner. He will pee and then just stand there staring into space or get distracted by the things on the walls or something. Sometimes I even ask him if he's peed (when it's obvious that he has) and he'll tell me no because he's been standing there so long that he doesn't realize he already went. Same thing with washing hands. He plays in the mirror while the water runs. I can only imagine how much time he'd waste if left in the tub to scrub himself. :rolleyes:

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Adrian also uses the loofah to wash himself, but he doesn't exactly do a great job. A lot of the time I end up doing it again after he's finished. Adrian is not the most independent of children. I have to stay on him when he's washing his hands, brushing his teeth, etc.. If he seems distracted or isn't doing a good job I will often do it with him. Or sometimes I just move on because its bedtime and I'm tired. Smile

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With Kaeden, I wash his hair. Then when it's time to wash his body, he holds both hands out to get soap. He washes his peepee and his bottom. I wash everything else to make sure it's clean. Kaeden is a private person, so I do what I can not to invade his personal areas. Plus he feels like he's big if he gets to wash his peepee and his butt. Smile

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My two girls shower together in the morning before school. They think it is fun to wash each others hair. The oldest one is in charge though and I don't think Madi could bathe independently without having some sort of issue.

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We're the same as Lenora here, I wash his hair, hand him the loofa and he washes himself. He does play in the tub for a while after. During teh summer I would wash him after, especially his feet as they were always really dirty!
My older kids were 5 (for DD) 6 (for DS) before I trusted them to shower on their own.

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Taylor has just recently begun to show interest in helping me wash her, so I have begun to teach her and supervise her doing it. Pretty soon I will just let her and then wash any areas I might want to make sure is clean.

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I wash Eva's hair still because she wouldn't really do it thoroughly if I left it up to her; but I'm sure that'll change soon enough. But she can wash her body easily and usually does if I ask her to. Sometimes I just do it to get it overwith because she mostly just plays in her bath....but I do it mostly to make sure her ears, feet, and privates are cleaned well enough.

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This week I started letting Benny wash his hair on his own. He did a great job so another couple of weeks of supervision and I'm going to let him shower on his own.

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