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    Default Beco baby carrier

    Which of you ladies has a Beco from back when our '07 babies were born? They're all different now on their website and I can't find the information I need. I can't remember if it came with an infant insert and I just can't find mine, or if it needed to be purchased separately. I'd gotten mine when Benny wasn't a newborn anymore and didn't need it, so I just can't remember.

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    I had a Beco and an Ergo and got an infant insert for neither. You can just fold a blanket once and once again to make a thick rectangle and that functions just like the infant insert. I got my Beco when Eliza was 6 mos so I did not need an insert but with the Ergo, I wrapped her sideways in the blanket so it helped her be up higher. She was sideways, like in a sling. A babywearing expert showed me how to do it. I still preferred the pouch sling for the first few mos. I think I switched to Ergo without insert when she was 3 mos.

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    The Butterfly comes w an infant insert from what I understand, and then Gemini does not... HTH!!!
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    I had a butterfly and it came with the infant insert. I pretty much just used the Ergo though. I bought their insert, but pretty much ended up just doing what Kathy said. The insert is thick and hot for the summer.
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