Best fall recipes

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Best fall recipes

So ladies,

What are your favorite fall recipes? I think mine is that pumpkin muffin w/cream cheese icing recipe that someone from here shared on FB last year. I'll have to go find that one.

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I will have to get out my receipes, but I have a pumpkin cake with icing that is so so yummy! I make it a few times every fall! I love it.

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Hmm....well I like to make soups when it's cold out, I don't really think of them as fall recipes per se but I guess they could be lol. My fave soup to make is potato-cheddar chowder from scratch...and it can be customized a lot of ways. I also love to make soup out of leftovers such as lemon chicken & rice & onions--wow was that good the one time I whipped it up last year. Eva even ate two bowls Smile

At Thanksgiving my staple recipes are not-too-sweet sweet potato casserole with pecan topping; apple crisp and/or apple crumb pie.....