Congrats Lenora!

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Congrats Lenora!

I know this is on FB, but just thought I'd say congrats again here for those who don't know you had your little boy :vibes: He's beautiful :happybday:

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Yay! Welcome C.J.!:yahoo:

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Congratulations. I hope everything went smoothly for you, can't wait to see a pic of him. :party:

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Congrats again, CJ is beautiful!

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Thanks girls. My recovery is going ok but I had forgotten what it's like with a new baby. I'm just starting to get back to posting again. CJ is so precious but he definitely has his days and nights confused. We had some major bf issues so right now I'm pumping and supplementing with formula. It's working though because he gained a pound in a week and is finally back to his birth weight. Brandon loves being a big brother and we haven't had too many issues with him yet so I'm hoping it will stay that way.

Here's some pics of our newest addition in case you haven't see them already:

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What a beautiful family! Thanks for updating, sorry bf is getting off to a rough start, but glad whatever you're doing is working. Smile

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Thanks for the update and those lovely family pictures! Smile