ENT & sleep study update

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ENT & sleep study update

Vincent had his sleep study appt yesterday. The doctor wants him to have a sleep study done on the 19th to test for sleep apnea because of the snoring and all his other sleep issues. He thinks they might all be related to apnea. I'm hoping to find a solution because this boy sleeps awful which is really taking a toll on all of us being sleep deprived.
He also had an ENT appt today because of the snoring to check his adenoids and to check his tonsils because he frequently gets strep throat. The ENT says he has to have a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. His tonsils are covering 80% of his throat airway and his adenoid is covering 80% of his nasal airway. He has pre-op next month and surgery June 14th. I plan on doing a ton of research and asking a ton of questions at his pre-op just to make sure we are making the right decision for him and his health.

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Good luck with the surgery, hope it helps him and you guys! KUP!

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Oh wow, 80%. That is amazing. I bet the surgery will make a huge difference. Maybe you should get a second opinion, if it would make you feel better?

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80% is a lot! I hope he gets some much needed relief from the surgery. Maybe this will help him sleep better at night, and keep him healthy.

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If his tonsils are enlarged that is probably causing sleep apnea. We went through the same thing with Madi. She was such a wild sleeper she could literally move her crib across the room by tossing and turning (she had a wood floor and the crib wheels didn't lock). The lack of sleep caused her to have such terrible behavior, and eventually she'd have spells of apnea even while awake. I think you'll find that once he has the T&A (and the inflammation has some time to go down) his sleep will improve.

If you have any questions about the surgery or recovery feel free to ask. I know it is scary when our little ones have to have surgery, but I'm sure Vincent is a trooper and will be just fine.

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That poor little guy, no wonder he's having so much trouble sleeping. I hope the surgery helps him to find some relief. I know it's scary but he'll be fine. I still have my tonsils but when I had my tubes put in as a child, they also took out my adenoids...it wasn't too bad. Please kup.

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Good luck to you guys, sounds like the surgery might help a lot. Scary, but probably worth it in the long run.

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"elizamommy" wrote:

Maybe you should get a second opinion, if it would make you feel better?

We trust the doctor, he did Vance's tubes. I just worry about the recovery part. Vincent is really high maintenance and gets very violent when he is angry. So I'm worried he is going to be hard to manage in pain.

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My suggestion is to make sure you go home from the hospital with pain meds. We were told to give Tylenol every 4 hours, and even to wake her to give it. Tylenol just wasn't enough and she hurt so bad I could barely get her to swallow the medicine. Madi's recovery wasn't fun (just trying to be honest and prepare you) but there is no doubt that it was worth it and she is an entirely different child because of it.

I think you'll see that once Vincent starts sleeping better his behavior and even tastes may change. Madi went from being our wild tantrum child that hated everyone (it was seriously that bad) to a sweet and outgoing little girl that is happy and carefree. She could also finally taste her food (her adenoids were ridiculously large) and her likes and dislikes really changed. Expect that his symptoms may not improve immediately, but hopefully this relatively simple surgery will fix his problems!

Keep us posted on how he is doing!

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Poor little guy! Seems like its one thing after another for you and your family :/ Hope it will make for a happier Vincent (and mama!) in the end......good luck getting through it all ((((HUGS))))

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I hope it helps a lot! I had my adenoids out when I was younger, and DH had his tonsils out as an adult. We've both been helped greatly with these surgeries. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have to decide on surgery for your LO, but I hope he comes out of everything without complications!