Fifth disease (xp)

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Fifth disease (xp)

So it looks like we have been hit with fifth disease. DD1 woke yesterday with a red rash on her cheeks, one side worse then the other. It was a little itchy but she was doing well with not touching it. And then when tucking her in I notice it had spread to her chest. And then this morning notice more on her leg. After researching I'm positive it's fifth. We have a doctors appt so we'll know better then. I'm worried about the babies. Neither have a rash any where yet and I was told that once the rash appears they are no longer infectious so I'm hoping it's passed the babes (fingers crossed).

Anyone else dealt/dealing with fifth disease? Sad

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I know I'm a little late, and my comments are no help, but I hope everyone is healing by now!

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I am also late but .... I am 29 weeks pregnant now and almost a month ago a co-workers son was diagnosed, apparently was going around the school... and my daughter and her son were at a birthday party together - his mother is pregnant too. It is very dangerous for pregnant women. Turns out my co-worker is immune but I am not so they want to retest in a few weeks to make sure I didnt contract it - or catch it - or whatever you call it... I am not too worried as the first test came back negative and I havent had any symptoms but it was very scary.

I talked to my daughter's pediatrician and she said for most kids there are little symptoms until the rash appears and by then, its really gone and you are no longer contagious and most kids do not have complications or issues other than fever and maybe a runny nose. You can catch it like a cold so its difficult to really keep your kids safe except just hand washing. The good thing is its like chicken pox in that once you have been exposed to it, you are prettymuch immue.

I also hope everyone is now in good health! and hopefully the babies didnt get sick!!