Finally weaned!

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Finally weaned!

I did it, I finally weaned Sylvia. I had really wanted her to wean when she was ready but I honestly don't think that would've happened for a long time. I had her down to only nursing in bed after the sun came up (we still co-sleep) and she would latch on and stay attached all morning until we got up. If I wouldn't let her nurse she would throw the worst tantrums, screaming and getting violent. I figured if she was acting like that then it was time to stop. It took about a week (and some serious fighting) but she's completely weaned. I was afraid it would be an issue to still have Pan nursing but it hasn't been a problem at all, she's actually really good about it....if Pan starts whining Sylvia tells me that she wants to nurse and helps her but doesn't try to nurse herself. Since weaning she's out of pull-ups at night and she's sleeping better which is making the days better Smile
I am a little sad about it, but it needed to happen. She's not my little baby anymore (sniff)

Oh, and of course having her weaned brought back AF. Joy.

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Congrats on throwing our society's stupid prejudices against extended BFing out the window and doing it your way (no sarcasm involved- I mean it!)! I love the new picture, BTW. What a pretty family!

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Wow Kristin, good for you, both on extended breastfeeding (I didn't realize you were still going strong!), and on weaning. That's dedication Mama!

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Good for you! Sounded like it was time......maybe she was ready too, but didn't realize it, ya know what I mean? Our little ones are growing up fast!

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Wow, you went a long time! Good for you! And you really did not menstruate until now? How did you get pregnant? Amazing!

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Way to go!!!

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No AF for 3+ years? Wow, that is a serious perk! Congrats on the extended bfing and the weaning. I also like the new pic, what a gorgeous family!

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I got my period back when Sylvia was 6 months. I just now got it back since Pan was born and she's almost 1 1/2. I wish it had been so long! I'd forgotten how annoying it was!

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Congratulations! You still have Pan, so don't be too sad.

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Way to go on the extended breastfeeding!

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I'm sorry you had to wean her, but you should be really proud of did good mama.

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That's awesome, mama! I was all proud for making it a year EPing for Addie... Smile What an inspiration!

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That is so wonderful, good for you!!!

I am having a difficult time lately as I weaned Conner last month (2 weeks shy of his 2nd Birthday). I didn't think it would be this hard on me, he is doing much better than I thought though.

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Good for you for both BFing as long as you did, and weaning her. I bet it was tough on you both.