First Day of School

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First Day of School

How did the first day of school go for those who have started? Pics?

Brandon did really well. I was really nervous and I cried a bit the few days leading up to the big day but he did really well, and in true Brandon form, was happy to go and meet his new friends. I'll post a pic later.

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Emma started kindergarten on Monday and she loves it. She got to ride the bus on Tuesday, my class scheldule messes up her being a car rider. She loved riding the bus. I think she is going to do wonderful in school.

Here is a pic of her before she headed off to begin her school journey.

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Hi Miranda! So happy to see your little scholar in glasses! You've had a haircut and are busy with school too! Congratulations!

Nana's little Ivy (3) will spend 2 days each week at Waldorf School. She loves the activities there.