Funny things kids say!

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Funny things kids say!

I have this as my facebook status but in case I don't have you or you didn't see it. It's just too funny not to share.
The funnies of Vincent and Vance:
Vincent: Mommy your so cute I just want to eat you like a meatball!
Vance to me: Your so funny kid!
LOL these boys crack me up. Smile

Share the funny things your little ones have said lately here!

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That is too cute, it must be hilarious to listen to them talking to each other. I know when Austin and his best friend are riding together in the back seat I can hear them talking and I just crack up at their conversations. Smile

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I keep a list of funny things that either we say to Eva or that she says to us--the newest one she said out of the blue one day which I have no idea where she got was "I'm going to put a potato in your mouth and send you to school". LOL!