Happy Bday June Buds (and an update)

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Happy Bday June Buds (and an update)

Hi Mommas! Even though my June Bug was born in March I just want to wish yours a Happy Birthday. Cherish those "big girl" and "big boy" hugs. I'm sure there is nothing quite like it! It will be a little while yet before I get hugged back but for now I'm cherishing sloppy, open-mouthed kisses from my Rainbow Baby.

My pregnancy is going good so far but I doubt I'll ever "relax". I love being pregnant but it's so stressful. I just keep telling myself that I can be blessed more than once.

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful celebration with your not-so-little ones!

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Thanks! Looks like your little Quinn will be having a birthday soon, too. I'm sure you are enjoying every minute of being a new and expecting mommy. First birthdays are bittersweet but I'm sure that will be a wonderful experience as well. Thanks for dropping by, its always nice to hear from you.

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Thanks for the update Catherine, it is so nice to hear from you. I was going to tell you to join us on the Dec. '11 board, but I see you already did, and I responded over there too.
Sounds like Quinn is doing well, and that's great!! Many best wishes for a happy pregnancy!

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Glad to hear from you Catherine. I'm glad to hear your pg is going well. It looks like Quinn will be celebrating a birthday not too long from now as well!!!