Happy Birthday Eliza

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Happy Birthday Eliza

Happy 4th Birthday Eliza Rose [SIZE=3]([/SIZE]Kathy (elizamommy formally summerblue)

:occasion1: :happybday: :party:

I hope you have a fun day!

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Happy Birthday Eliza!

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Happy Birthday Eliza!!! I hope you enjoy your special day!!! :band: :party: :happybday:

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Happy birthday!! Smile

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Happy Birthday Eliza!!!

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Happy Birthday! :jumpingbeans:

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Thanks everyone! Eliza had a great day. She wanted to go to her fave burger place for fries for lunch. (she doesn't eat burgers) And then she wanted to go swimming. So, I did that. Then, she wanted to go to her fave restaurant, a brew pub (LOL!) for dinner with her best bud and his family. So, we did that and then went out for ice cream. It was very fun. But, I realized today that we had not sang happy birthday to her! So, I got her a cupcake at the store this morning and sang happy birthday to her at lunch!