Happy Birthday Mieka!

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Happy Birthday Mieka!

Happy 4th Birthday Mieka Claire (Fawn)

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I hope it was a great day!

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Thanks! She's had a couple celebrations now, one at her grandparents up in MN and a small one yesterday with us. She got a dollhouse, which she LOVES, and a new dress from Kathy, which she also LOVES (it's super beautiful!), which came just in time Biggrin We went to IHOP, and she devoured all her food, it was amazing, lol! She must be going through a growth spurt lately, because this is not the first time she's inhaled all the food on her plate in the last month or so :rolleyes: Good lord, she ate a pancake with blueberries and whipped cream, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and a glass of milk like in 10 minutes :eek: I do like that better than begging her to finish something on her plate though Wink She had a good day, daddy set up the pool, so that was exciting too.

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Happy Birthday Mieka! Glad she had fun and lots of good food! I'm going to get on that I-Hop list. We need a pic of her in her new dress.

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Happy Birthday Mieka!!! :band: :party:

I'm so glad to hear she enjoyed her special day!

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Happy birthday Mieka!! Sounds like she had a great day Smile

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Happy Birthday Mieka, sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!