How do you keep younger siblings out of their "stuff"?

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How do you keep younger siblings out of their "stuff"?

Ugh, every day there are multiple battles over Henry getting into Mieka's "stuff" :confused: Henry can open doors, so having her go into her room and shut the door isn't really an option. I guess she could lock it, but then I imagine he would pound on the door and wail......we have a low baby gate which Mieka can crawl over and that seems to work somewhat, except Henry will start throwing stuff into the room to annoy her if he can't get in. Of course, many of Mieka's toys are TINY and when Henry finds them, he will sometimes chew on them or play with them and lose them inadvertently. Mieka's going to be getting a dollhouse this Saturday for her b-day and each room has furniture in it, small things, lots of small things :eek: I plan on putting a small latch with a lock on it so she can lock it/shut it away from him, but I'm sure he will get to it at some point. Just wondering what others do to let their Junebud get some alone play-time away from little siblings???

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I don't think there is an answer to this one! Reality is unless you only have 1 kid there is always going to be a way for the other to get into it! I've tried everything here... even putting DD's stuff in her closet with a latch lock and they still figured out how to open it! She's tried putting toys in her drawers and they get into that too. The baby gate is the only thing that will give a little break, but that doesn't last long!
Poor Mieka, I hope she loves her doll house and it doesn't get played with without her permission.

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I did the baby gate for Paulina's door. The kind that she could open but Eliza could not. Yes, Eliza could stand there and fuss and throw things but then I would come get her and do something with her. We called Paulina's room "the land of tiny toys" and all tiny toys stayed in there. They were not allowed out. Eliza is a big-time chewer, still! So, anyway, that gate stayed up until Eliza figured out how to open it. That was at about age 2.5-3 so by then she was old enough to learn not to go in there without asking.

I don't like locking doors. I feel like that is a safety hazard. What if there was an emergency and I could not find the key?