I have good news!!!

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I have good news!!!

Well ladies, I am officially 12 weeks today and I got some very good news. I had my NT scan today and my first perinatologist consultation. Baby was moving around but they weren't able to get the measurements they needed, which means I have to come in next week for another u/s (not too upset about that). She did say that the baby looks really good, nothing at all of concern. Baby's hb was 162 bpm which was awesome. Even better, baby is no longer measuring behind but actually a little ahead so it caught up a week and then some. I haven't had any spotting in over two weeks which is the longest I've gone so far. So we got a lot of good news today and I thought I would share with you ladies, since you've been such a support to me during these first few, very difficult months.

I finally announced on FB today, as I'm sure most of you know, so it's a big step.

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That is super news, and I'm so happy for you! I'm glad it was such a good appointment!

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SOOOOOO Happy and excited for you! I bet you are so relieved.

Are you guys going to find out what the sex it?

Hope you are feeling well.

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Great news!

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So happy for you!! That's wonderful news. Here's to an enjoyable, uneventful, rest of the pregnancy.

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So very happy for you!

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I am sooooooooooooooo happy for you Lenora! Since I am all done having babies, I am living thru you all. I wish you a happy, healthy 2nd and 3rd trimester ! Yeah!!!

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I said it before but i will say it again, bnig congratz!!

Perhaps you will get a girl this time since the baby had such a high heartbeat.

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Great news Lenora!!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is nice and uneventful!!

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Whoo-hoo, great news!!! Glad that you are feeling comfortable enough to announce it to the world!

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That's great news!

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So happy to hear that good news!

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That is great news Lenora!

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That is wonderful news - congrats!