IUD Questions

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IUD Questions

Anyone have one. I am starting to this about this option. I wanted DH to get fixed but that is not happening anytime soon. I was in the waiting room at the DR and ready an article about Mirena and Paraguard and it made me re-think IUDs. I always assumed the stop implantation of a fertilzed egg but these say they stop fertilzation all together so I am more comfortable with that.

Just wanted to hear the pros and cons of each. I liked the paraguard becuase of the no hormones but....


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I have Mirena. I got it at my 6 week check up after I had Anna. I looked at both of them, but I have really short cycles to start with, and have for a long time, so my doctor wanted me to be on something that could control that because regenerating the uterine lining to quickly and to often can lead to an increased risk of uterine cancer. So, for me the Mirena was the right answer (Paragard can cause heavier and longer bleeding). I also had some concerns about how the Paragard works, and my OB wouldn't even put it in based on his religious beliefs (had I wanted it his NP wouldv'e done it). Anyway, getting it in wasn't bad, I took Ibuprofen an hour before I went, it took about 10 minutes total. The most uncomfortable parts for me...they use a larger speculum than they do during a pap, and the tenaculum that they use to grab the cervix pinches a little. But, as bad as that sounds, it really wasn't bad. I had about a week of spotting after that. Since then I get a few days of brownish spotting every few months, totally manageable with panty liners. I also really like that I don't have the side effects I had when I was on the pill...no more sore bb's, no mood swings etc. Well...for the most part Wink I can usually tell when I'm going to have some spotting, I will get a zit or two, and get a little b!tchy. And then about once every 6 months or so I go through a few weeks of skin breakouts that are worse than usual. I don't check my strings, my dr checks at my yearly visits, my dh doesn't feel it at all. Probably the biggest thing I noticed, and it's normal with either of them, is an increase in the amount and thickness of the vaginal discharge. but it's not enough for me to not want the Mirena. The convenience of not thinking about a pill is so worth it. Also, I never wanted to do anything permanent to either my or dh. And this is purely personal feelings for me...I feel that if something ever happened to our marriage (it won't) or either one of us, the other should have the option of starting a family with a new spouse. We are both definitely young enough yet...

Good luck with your decision! I definitely don't regret my Mirena!

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I had a paraguard IUD implanted at my 6 w pp checkup after DS was born. It was fine until he was weaned and my cycle returned. That's when the nightmare began for me, and this is MY experience only. My periods would last 11/12 days, be super super heavy, I'd pass clots, and I had intense lower back pain that felt like I was being impaled on a hot poker 24/7. I crawled in to the doctor's office about 7 or 8 months into this hell and begged for them to take it out. I had to wait until my next period for the removal but mercifully that was just a few days away. The second that thing was out of my body I felt instant relief, and I've been fine ever since. Periods are back to normal and no more killer pain.

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I also have the Paraguard. I didn't want the hormonal one with BFing because even the mini-pill decreased my milk supply.

The first few periods were typical of me. The next 5 were horrible -- lots of blood, and a longer period. (I ruined a lot of clothes) But the last two were not so bad, and shorter. It may just have taken me that long to get used to it.

That being said, I've been having joint issues after this pregnancy that I didn't have with my previous three. It could be IUD (copper) related, it could be my age, it could be that the fourth pregnancy is hard on my body.

It is convenient, so it has that going for it.

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I had a Mirena after Brandon. My body is weird and I spotted for the first year or so. After that, my periods were super light until I had it removed. I had it in for a little over two years. I did have some weight gain on it and it did affect my moods a bit but it did it's job and I was pretty happy with it. My cycles also returned to normal quickly after removal and I was able to get pg fairly quickly (though the first one ended in mc).

I wanted to get the Mirena again this time but my doctor says the price has gone up and he's not sure my insurance will cover it, so he wants to put in the Paraguard. Plus I'm already having supply issues so I don't want to make it any worse. I'm a little nervous that I'll bleed a lot on it but we'll have to see. My doctor said it shouldn't be an issue unless I bleed a lot normally ( I don't), but I'll probably give it a try.

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Janel! I've been following Will's CB page since they had the link posted here...what an awesome, strong kid (and mama Wink ). You guys are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue through his treatment!