January 2007 moms

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January 2007 moms

Are you out there? Anyone still exist?

Just FYI, Patrick is going to be a BIG brother.

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I'm a June mom, but still.... Congratulations! When????

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I'm a June mama too, but CONGRATS!

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I'm a January Mamma. I never can find the time to get on here but I miss it. Congrats on making Patrick a big brother. Gianna has a little sister, Leah.

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Hello ladies!

January mama too! Congratulations to you !When are you due?

I bet Patrick is big too!

Darian is a big brother now too of twins b/g. They are 18 months now!

Hope you keep us updated!


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Wow Congrats Cheryl and Greda and Congrats Gianna and Darian. I'm due in late November early December. The scan said December 2, but we know for sure it'll be at least a week earlier due to a planned c-section. They said after Patrick was born never to try naturally again. Too scary and too many things went wrong. We got lucky that they were able to go in and get him before his heart dropped any more than it already had. Both of us were in severe distress. So this time, planned C-section.