June 6th Birthdays

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June 6th Birthdays

Happy 4th Birthday to:

Garrick Donovan (Amy (myah)

Lucien Tyler Elliot (Jailynn)

Brooke Elizabeth Bell (tanned_mommy)

Brooke (BBL)

I hope you have a fun day, we would love to hear an update and see a recent picture of you!

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Happy Birthday!!! :band: :party:

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Thanks everyone!! Smile

We're doing great here - I don't know why I don't stop in here more often, I'm ALWAYS on the Oct 2010 board. LOL Smile Brooke is excited to be starting school this Sept!! I can't believe she's old enough for school - I'm going to be a mess!!! Blum 3 Here's an updated pic of my not-so-little little girl!!! (ooohhh and her last name changed a loooooooong time ago... she's is offically Brooke Elizabeth SMITH now)


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Happy Birthday, Brooke. Beautiful pic! :happybday:

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Hello Ladies! It's been a while. I've forgotten how to post pics so hopefully this one will come up. Brooke is good, she's growing and happy. She just had to be hospitalized for her asthma last weekend but the National Children's Hospital did a good job by Monday you would not have even known she couldn't breathe! She got into a magnet school so she will be going to Pre-K. Happy 4th Bday Junebuds!

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ok so they only way I figured out how to post a pic was through Avatar sooo that's Brooke! She was 3 but still looks the same.