JuneBuds and Mommies

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JuneBuds and Mommies

Happy 4th Birthday to any Junebuds that I may have missed. I hope you all had fantastic Birthdays, and I cannot believe you all are 4!

To all Junebud Mommies, I am so glad I stumbled upon this site 4 1/2 years ago. I feel so blessed to "know" all of you and love watching all of our kids grow up at the same time. There were no sites like this when I had my first 2 kids, and I so wish there were! It would have saved me some worries over the years!

Thank You Pregnancy.org for existing, and Thank you ladies for welcoming me into this group, I truly care about all of you and am honored to call you all friends!

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Aw, right back atcha Kathleen! This group has been a real blessing to me, too.


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I totally agree!!! Happy birthday to ALLLLLLL our Junebuds, I have been wanting to say that all week lol! And I am so glad I found the boards too back when I was pregnant!!! It helped me SOOOOOOOOOOOO much and I met all you wonderful ladies Smile

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Aww, I love my fellow June Bud mamas!!! :bigarmhug:

I can't believe another birthday has come and gone...

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I agree with all of the above! Another year of fun coming up!!

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Happy 4th Birthday to all of our Junebuds! I hope everyone had a very special day.

I'm very blessed to have all of you wonderful ladies in my life. I consider us all to be very close friends.

I actually just did an assignment for school last week and talked very highly about p.org and you ladies.

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Ditto to everyone. I always think if we all were to meet in real life we would instantly be great friends. This board has been the best.

Happy 4th Birthday to everyone!!!!

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:bighug: Group hug time!!! Biggrin I hope our Junebuds group sticks around for a long time to come! It seems to get smaller every year and that makes me a little sad Sad We have been through so many ups and downs here together, feel like I know most of you, even though I haven't met most of you.

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I just wanted to chime in and say how awesome everyone has been here! I agree that if we all met, we would all be BFF's. We have all managed to come together even though we have different views and different ideas on bringing up our kids, everyone is so respectful. Having you ladies has certainly helped me in bouncing out ideas, being here when I needed to vent, and just being so understanding since everyone has been going through the same thing. Finding this group has been one of the best things.

Maybe when our kids all turn 10 or 20, the moms can meet up somewhere to celebrate that we all survived Smile