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So close!! How are you feeling these days?

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^ love that baby! Smile

Yes, Lenora, how are you doing?? All ready for the new lil man? How's Brandon doing?

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Yeah we need an update! How are you feeling? Can't remember if you have a name picked out for him already?

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Thanks for thinking of me ladies.

I'm 36w1d and I'm pretty excited to have made it this far considering Brandon was born at 34w1d. I'm feeling ok but I'm definitely in the uncomfortable stage. He is so low right now and right on my bladder so it's pretty uncomfortable to do anything, not to mention the heat is killing me.

As far as progress goes I don't think there's been any, lol. I've been having nst's twice a week since 32 weeks and they haven't recorded a single contraction and I don't think I've felt any BH either. He definitely doesn't seem in a hurry to make his entrance.

Brandon starts school on September 12 so as long as I can make it until then I'll be happy. He's very excited about becoming a big brother but you never know he's going to be when the baby actually gets here. He's been a big help to me around the house which has been nice.

My wonderful OB found out that if I refuse my c-section they will allow me to try vaginally so we're back on the vbac plan at our hospital. I have until 41 weeks to have this little guy and then it will be a c-section so hopefully he'll come on his own.

Little guy has no name yet. We sat down and looked at lists of names but nothing feels right. Chris really wants us to have a name before he's born so we'd better get on that.

Esti-Love your siggy pic btw. She is too cute.

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I'm so glad to hear that things are going well, even though you're uncomfortable. I remember that feeling of Austin being so low and sitting on my cervix/bladder constantly toward the end. That is awesome that you get to try for a VBAC! Can't wait to hear and see pics when your little man is born! KUP!

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Yay! Great news all around! Good luck with the VBAC, I hope it works out. I feel ya on the name. Mila didn't have a name until she was two days old. KUP.