New "Firecracker 2007" sibling on the way

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New "Firecracker 2007" sibling on the way

I haven't posted on here since they grouped July-December together but I am originally from September 2007 and I am pregnant once again! This time with a boy!! Sophia is soooo excited and can't wait for her little brother to get here.

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Congratulations! I bet Sophia is so happy. That is a good age because they really understand and be good helpers for you and the new baby when he gets here!

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Congrats, Tiffany! I was also part of the Sept 2007 board. How is Sophia doing these days? Any recent pics? Were you doing modeling with her for a while/still?

Any name ideas for little brother?

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Yeah I have some recent pics. It's late right now so I'll post some tomorrow. Yeah she was doing modeling for a bit but not much went on with that and yup we have his name all picked out it's Gideon Maxwell

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congratulations & nice noble name.

I also have a Sept 2007 kid !!!! I was on the Oct board though.

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Congrats! Smile I hope that the pregnancy is going well....!