The quietest group on PO?

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The quietest group on PO?

LOL! Are we the quietest group on PO or what? What is everyone up to? What are you doing this summer? I see most of you on Facebook but still.

So, how's it going? Why haven't you posted a year pic on the Junebuds 2007 Facebook group?

Eliza and I are fine. She is having swimming lessons and that is about it. A quiet summer. We spent a week with my family in Oregon. It was fun to see her play with her 3 yr old cousin. The three girls were adorable. Swimming is going well. She is a fish! She is learning her strokes and will be swimming across the small pool by herself really soon! This lesson will end next week and then we will start up again in fall. I would be she will be swimming by herself by Christmas. She is like a fish! Totally the opposite of her scaredy sister who, at age 8, is still not ready to swim across the pool. But, in fairness, Paulina nearly drowned at age 3 so she has some fears to overcome. She will get there!

I am good, too. Taking a break from sewing biz for a bit. Will start up again in Sept but more slowly. I ordered name tags! So, my sewing will have my biz name on it now. That is kinda cool. If it goes well, I will become an official biz next January. I am still playing around and seeing if it works before I get the licenses and such. Why put out the expense if it won't work? Trial period!

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I think we are one of the quietest boards, that's what happens when our little ones get older and keep us busy! That and we all keep in touch on facebook. I know I check in on facebook first!

Things are actually quiet here right now, we've been enjoying our summer vacation. No big trip this year, but we did buy a used pop up camper so we have gone camping twice now, first time for 4 nights, and second time for 3 nights. We may go again at one of our friends owns a huge plot of farm land in the middle of nowhere, so we may go camping for a weekend there. Brady LOVES to camp! He loves sleeping in the camper, and just being outside all the time.
We have an above ground pool, and it has been a godsend having it. The kids swim all the time, Brady is also a little fish! He swims really well and is now swimming under water with no life jacket. He knows the doggy paddle, and how to swim under water. We are going to start working on strokes this week. I have taught all of my kids to swim.
Things have been quiet here with the older two, DD dislocated her knee the end of May so no summer baseball or soccer for her. She has been going to physical therapy twice a week. She just got back from spending a week at summer camp, it is a religious camp and both of my kids love going there. They come home renewed and eager to explore their faith. After a few weeks, that will change, but I will take what I can get from them!
DS turned 16 this July, can't believe I have a 16 year old! He has saved up enough money for drivers ed (it costs $700) and will take that this fall and will have his license before Christmas... totally freaks me out! He has decided not to play football this year, he actually finally confided to us that he didn't like to play football that he was just playing because he didn't want to disappoint his dad (my DH is a football coach at his high school). We talked to him and told him that this was his life and he had to do what he wanted, not what he thinks we would want of him. He was so relieved to hear that!
Things have been well with me, I only have 1 daycare kid this summer and it has been great, I have needed a break! I love my daycare kids a lot but it was getting rough towards the end of the school year. I am cutting back to 3 full time and 2 pat time kids, just what I originally started with. I think it will keep me much saner!
Hope all is going well with all of you!

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I'm around, posting on a few other boards and lurking here and there. Summer is almost over and I'm in the dreading-going-back-to-work phase. I really enjoy being home with my kids and though I love my job I miss them dearly while I'm working. We've made some great memories this Summer!

We recently came back from camping at Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee and that is one of our best vacations. Always nice to get away from the busyness of the world and enjoy nature with those you love. The girls are excellent hikers and they love playing in all the swimming holes. This year they braved the rock slide and cliff jumping (even I wouldn't do the cliff! lol).

Madi is now on the competitive dance team with Alana and she enjoys that. She's worked hard this summer and has a pretty good cartwheel now (especially compared to how it started, lol). She's excited about starting Pre-K soon and I think she'll do well.

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I'm a facebook first girl too!

I'm not quite sure where our summer has gone! It seemed to take forever to get here, we had such a cold spring, and now we've had and extremely hot and humid summer, so even then, it's been hard to be outside, especially when Anna had her broken arm in the cast.

But, the cast is off and we've been enjoying pools, sprinklers, and slip & slides Smile We also bought a boat this summer, about a month ago now, and we've been working on fixing it up (it's a 1982), just things like putting in a radio and speakers, DH did some rewiring on it, we're going to recover the seats etc. We've been out a couple of times, and we all LOVE it! We love fishing too, and have done some of that, but I don't like to fish off the boat because it gives me motion sickness.

The kids are doing well. Ethan is SOOO looking forward to 4k this year. He was like a kid in a candy store when we bought school supplies, and I have promised them each a 'date' with mom to shop for school clothes. We'll make a date of it with lunch and such!

I have decided to go back to school to get my Bachelors in Science for nursing. I know some of you already know I have an Associate's and have applied, but anyway, I'm still waiting for acceptance into the program :/ I have no patience for waiting. I need them to make a decision though so I can apply for the tuition assistance at work. I don't really WANT to go back to school, but I'm tired of feeling like I'm stuck where I am, and the only way to really change that and give myself more options is to get more education. It'll take me a long time, since I'll only be part time, but eventually I may use it as a stepping stone into a master's program to become a nurse practitioner, either in women's health or family practice.

Other than that, not much is new around here! Just trying to enjoy what's left of summer. Kids are looking forward to school starting, and while I'm not looking forward to them being gone during the day, I am looking forward to getting back into a normal schedule and it'll be nice to spend some time with Anna, just me and her!

OH! And Ethan finally hit the 30lb mark!

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I know I don't post here often, it looks like I'm not the only one, but I thought I would update on Belle. She is starting a Montessori preschool next week and is very excited. I am excited about her getting to do such a neat program. She struggled last year with behavior in the pre-school she was enrolled in, so hopefully this will be a good change for her.
We have had a really nice summer and done a lot of fun activities around here. We also did a big trip to MI to see family and BIL get married which was great. Belle loved driving through the mountains, and getting to watch so many movies in the car. Smile It was neat to see thr trip through the eyes of a child.
That's about all. You can see by my ticker that we are expecting again. I am so excited to have another, and final, little one in our family. We haven't told yet, but Belle asked me on the way home from vacation if I was pregnant. Completely out of the blue, she also told me she wants a little brother. I found out a week later that I was pg, so we shall see if her premonition was correct.
I check here from time to time so let's see some fun topics! Smile

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I have a new (as of Eva's b-day) pic of her in my siggy Smile as for me, well let's just say it's the worst year of my life, but I will not go into it. Eva is doing well, she has been a bit of a handful lately but still fine....has been in the pre-k daycare since last October and will be starting the "big" preschool next month (same building) if the spot is still open for her when I turn in the paperwork.

Right now I am just hoping for a good fall but it's not looking that way for me.

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Sorry things have been so rough Amy.

I'm here but we've been really busy. My parents took Brandon for a week before my birthday (it's becoming tradition) so we took advantage and went to Solvang for the weekend with my sister who was visiting. We had a really great time. I spent my birthday week with my family up north and Chris drove up there the day before my birthday. I got my hair done and a mani-pedi. My birthday was fun too. We had a combined birthday party/sprinkle. It was just family and close family-friends. It was nice to see everyone and Chris got me my ipad which was all I really wanted.

I'm almost 33 weeks now so we're in preparation for baby here. Starting this week I started 2x a week appts. (for NST's) so I'll be spending lots of time at the doctors. I also found out that it doesn't look like the hospital will be voting on whether or not to reverse their ban on VBACs before the baby comes so I have a decision to make. I either go with a repeat c-section or we can petition my insurance to allow me to give birth at the other local hospital (which is nice but not as nice). If I go with the second option, there is only one doctor at the practice who has privileges there and he's the one guy I don't like or trust at all. I met him once and after the appt. I told Chris that I prayed he wasn't on call when I went into labor. I'm struggling with the decision right now.

Brandon is doing great. About a month ago I decided he was ready to ditch the pull-ups at night so he's completely PT now which is awesome. I'm hoping he won't regress after the baby comes but we'll see. He starts preschool in September, five days a week. He had his well-check last month and he's doing great, 40 lbs. and 43 inches. He's very excited to start school.

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We have been to a boy scout camping trip which was tons of fun for both of my kids. They have been out in the pool/ playground and just running around the yard. They have both been helping with yardwork, which has been a lot more this summer due to me planting my first garden.

We;ve been down to Cape Cod and visited several beaches plus Barnstable Fair, boy was it HOT that week.

Other then that we havent really gone anywhere. We are going to go Orlando FL and Disneyworld but that not until October. Smile

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I know I'm kind of late..

Just to give an update on us.
DH finally graduated college with an associate degree in business. He is wanting to get his bachelor's sometime in the future. Kaeden is slowly and surely catching up developmentally and speech wise. He talks to so good. Kaeden has learned to pretty much swim. He's not very good holding his head up, but he can swim every where under the water. He is another little fish. I couldn't keep him out of the water.

On May 28th, one of my sisters who has been dealing with lupus the past 5 years passed away. She was 27 years old. It has been one of the hardest things that I and my family has ever had to deal with it. Even with it being almost 4 months ago, I still find it hard to accept. I sometimes break down and cry for hours. I have never had anyone close pass away, so this is all new to me.

We went to Florida two weeks ago and it was one the best trips I have ever taken. If I could move there, I would. The best part was taking Kaeden to walt disney world. Plus I felt like a kid again for that day.

Dh and I are doing ok. Things has been so stressful since the passing of my sister that sometimes we don't know what to do with each other. lol. I have a lot of anxiety and dealing with depression it is making things harder between us. Most days are good, but some days, we just can't agree on nothing. I know these things take time. On a good note, I have recently started going back to the doctor to treat my PCOS and maybe we can start TTC when things slow down again.

I'm still attending school and I'm looking for a job to be able to afford our new house when we close. Dh's income is good enough for the house, but I need to have the job to make sure we can afford all the bills.

That's all I have right now. I don't think I forgot anything.