Random Question of the Day: Gardening

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Random Question of the Day: Gardening

So ladies, another spring is here. What are all of you growing in your gardens this year?

I'm really excited. My dad is here visiting and he went with me to Home Depot and we bought a raised garden kit. So far, I have two heirloom tomato plants, beans, and peppers ready to be planted. I still need to decide on the rest of it though.

Our lemon trees and orange tree are in full bloom and the persimmon tree is starting to blossom as well. The last two years the squirrels have eaten all of our persimmons before we could harvest them, but maybe this will be year, lol.

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We plant roma tomatos (they seem to work the best for salsa and canning), broccoli, cherry tomatos, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, peppers, we also have rhubarb, pear and apple trees that we just planted. Last year we had pumpkins, butternut squash, watermelons and cantaloupe, but they get sooo big, they kind of over take the garden. Oh, and this year we're planting raspberries and blueberries Smile

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Grape tomatoes and cucumbers- both in a planter on our deck. We have raspberries in the yard. BTW- raspberries are like kudzu. They are starting to take over the entire yard! Our neighbors are going to hate us in just a few years when they are in their yards. Smile

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Yeah I am not much for gardening at all, no interest whatsoever! DH is a landscaper and you would think we have the best garden in the neighborhood, however he works so much we are neglected. When he does get around to it, we have beauitful flowers and trees and bushes and the most beautiful lillies I have ever seen.

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We have 7 fruit trees, 4 varieties of berries, and a bunch of raised beds. The rhubarb is already going to town. Dh has worked on several beds and they are ready to plant but we are still too cool to plant tomatoes or peppers or anything like that. This weekend, we are going to get some starts for squashes and lettuce and onions. Last year, we did potatoes but dh didn't like it. The plants got too big, he said. I still need to pull weeds in two beds and thin the strawberries before they take over the yard.

I hope we get some bees so our apples do something!

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I have a large blueberry bush that is now about 8 or so years old (I think I bought it shortly after we bought our house) and this year it is LOADED with blooms so I'm hoping to get LOTS of big blueberries since we had so much rain this year already.

Otherwise, food-wise, we usually grow tomatoes and peppers in pots, that my father in law gives us from his farm.

My biggest love is my native wildflower garden. I have tons of varieties of flowers that the birds & pollinators love, and in turn it gives me wonderful photographic opportunities and general enjoyment every year! Smile ( I even have a Song Sparrow nesting in there this year for the first time!)

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I'm mostly growing cut flowers this year. We have such horrible winds that everything gets shoved into the dirt and then molds after the rain. It's horrible. Luckily, I live in farm country and the surrounding area has tons of organic fruits and veggies cheap. I will still have our blueberries, herbs and zucchini, plus some strawberries and chard, but not the usual garden I try to grow.

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Last year I tried growing pumpkins, cabbage, and banana peppers but my garden turned out to be a dud. I think it just got so ridiculously hot that everything fried in the sun.

This year I'm going to attempt tomatoes and maybe strawberries. I don't have a very big area to grow things but hopefully my garden will be more successful.

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I have the WORST green thumb ever. I can't even keep a cactus alive!! LOL Smile I don't think I'll be growing anything but weeds this year Blum 3

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I am trying a garden for the first time this year. I planted green beans, cucumbers, carrots, onions, and okra. But I forgot to label what is what, so now I have no idea what is coming in. I planted in mid-April. I think it is the green beans and cucmbers that are already huge, but I'm not sure. I also have no idea when to harvest. :eek: