RQOTD: Weather

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RQOTD: Weather

So the weather has been all over the place lately, it seems. How has the weather been recently in your neck of the woods?

Here, I think we are in the middle of 'June gloom,' lol. There are a lot of days where it's been in the high 70s and 80s but there have been a ton of days (especially on the weekends) where it's overcast and a bit cooler.

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We are currently basking in a warm trend, with highs near 70! For us, way up near the 49th parallel and Canada, that is perfect! We are loving it. Should be in the 60s all week with light winds and only a slight chance of showers. FINALLY! Spring is here! Just in time for summer! LOL!

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So jealous of you guys. High 80s here with horrible humidity! Most of the day I just stay inside because outside is too miserable. Sad

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Somewhere in the mid-90s here.....pretty darn hot. Not much rain lately and we could really use some!

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In the 90's here. We skipped Spring here, was either cold or hot... no nice warm weather. The weather has been wacky here tho. Last week there were Tornado's in our area which is unheard of. No real damage here in NH but Springfield Mass. got hit really bad. 4 deaths. They are an hour away from me.

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70s wow, I can't even imagine having weather that cool in June. In the 90s here. I took Adrian to the waterpark today and got a little red even with tons of sunblock. Summer has arrived with a vengeance! Tornadoes have been mild, only one storm that had tornadoes in it. We usually get more than our share so it has been a good year so far.

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Its been up and down a lot here in Iowa, but I guess that's typical; one extreme or the other Smile Yesterday and the day before it was in the low 90's and horribly humid, like you could cut it with a knife humid :/ Today, it rained and poured all morning and it is 66 degrees at almost 1 in the afternoon........very comfortable compared to yesterday!