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I know it's still July, but let's talk school. I have an 07 baby so he'll be starting Kindergarten this year. It's a bittersweet moment but he's very excited.

When does everyone's kiddos start school this year?

Brandon starts 8/14 but I have orientation on 8/13. LAUSD is choosing to start early this year, normally they don't start until after Labor Day. I'm glad though because August and September are the hottest months of the year here (100+) so he won't be cooped up in the house.

CJ is only 9 months so he'll be with mommy this year. He is an Oct. baby so by the time he's ready for K he will miss the cut-off, per CA's new cut-off dates.

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DD1 misses the Kindergarten cut-off by 11 days, so she'll be starting next fall instead. No idea when it starts!

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My DD misses the cutoff so she actually goes to VPK this year and kindergarten next year.

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Madison will be starting Kindergarten this year at the charter school my oldest daughter attends. They start a few days earlier than the other schools in the district, on August 16th.

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Zack will be in 1st grade and Cali will start Kinder (she is a July 07 kiddo...the cut-off here is August 31st). I also will have a 4th grader and 7th grader! CRAZY. They all go back on September 5th.

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Gianna is a Jan '07 baby, so she gets to start Kindergarten on 9/5. She is super excited to take the bus and see her friends again. She is my 1st one in school so its so fun for me as well. Leah will start preschool/daycare shortly after.