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School pictures

Anyone want to share pics from their June Bud's first day of school? Brandon first day got pushed back a week to the 12th so I don't have a pic yet but I would love to see a pic and hear how things are going with school?

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Adrian's first day two weeks ago:

He loves preschool! I was a little nervous but it is going very well. He only goes 3 days a week though.

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Harlee's first day is Friday (her first day parents are also invited), so I will post a pic then!

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I posted this on FB under summer 2011 but I'll post it again here.

She did fine, she said she didnt play with anyone but she played with a lot of things in the classroom. She is only there for a few hours in the morning from 9am - 11.30am. From Mon - Thursday. so its not a lot but better then nothing. I hope she will learn to write her name during this school year to come, she refuses when i try to teach her. I hope her social skills will improve too.

ETA: She has a hood on because this morning it was very chilly and rainy, dont look forward to late on in the season when its going to be cold, snowy and dark at 7.30 am waiting for the school bus.

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I can't believe how big our June Buds are!!! Brandon's first day was this morning. I didn't even get a goodbye, he was too busy running off to play.

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Eva's orientation day was last Wednesday, which I went to. Then her first "full" (9am-noon) day was Thursday. She is doing great, it was not a big deal for her because she is already at the pre-K-style daycare across the hall from the preschool area.

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I am a little late to the game on this, but I just uploaded some pics to photobucket. Here is Austin's first day of pre-K on Aug. 29: (don't mind his pose- he looks a little squirrely lately in pics, ha ha!)

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I am late to this one too since it was just merged Wink but here is Jamie on his first day.

He was so excited.