Share a pic or two

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Share a pic or two

I know we've all been busy this summer. How about sharing a few pics of what you've all been up to this summer!!!

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They're so cute, Deanna!

I've been doing mostly nature photography this summer but I know I have a few snapshots somewhere....

Eva's 4th birthday when I made her a surprise Maximus cake...

Took Eva to the zoo for her birthday treat...

Eva loves to help feed the chickens & pigeons at her Papa's (Grandpa's) farm...

And the evening that I went to the movies with hubby and my brother, Eva went fishing with her Papa (Grandpa) and caught 4 little fish Smile

We've also been swimming a couple times, but not as much as I'd like....might try to get there again this week/weekend.

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In the pool a lot this summer.

On a forest walk together with Dantes boy scouts.

rest of the boy scout group hunted toadpoles Rachel was more interested in poking in the sand.

Outside the camping place, having fun.

Lemon slushie in 95 degrees heat is the best!

Icecream yum!

In the car on the way home from Cape Cod.