Sleep study results

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Sleep study results

Got Vincent's sleep study result's back. He has sleep apnea 3 times every hour and his carbon dioxide levels are higher than normal. He has mild obstructive apnea and central apnea. His tonsils and adenoids definitely need to be removed and then he has to do another sleep study. He will likely grow out of the central apnea as his nervous system continues to mature.

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Poor guy, he hasn't been sleeping well at all, has he? Is he a grumpy kid? I'll bet you are relieved to finally get some answers, I know I would be. Its good to have a baseline too, so you will be able to monitor as he gets older.

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Yay for some answers!

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I'm glad you have more information- I'm sorry that the information shows he's having such a tough time sleeping!

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Poor Vincent, but at least you have more info to help you make decisions. I'm sure once he's sleeping better, things will improve quite a bit with him, good luck!

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Wow, poor little guy! Glad you got some answers, and hope things improve after his surgery! Keep us updated.