Sleep woes and a twist of great news

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Sleep woes and a twist of great news

Vincent is quite possibly the worse sleeper in the entire world! He sleep walks every night, has vivid dreams that affect him, and doesn’t like sleeping in his own room. He cries every night because he doesn’t want to go to sleep and comes out of his room several times. He fights to sleep with us, which we have resorted to a mattress on the floor beside our bed because he beats us up all night if he is in bed with us. He sleep walks every night which is scary because he will run through the house yelling for me. I really want to put bolts on the doors because I’m scared he will just leave one night without us knowing. One day I woke up to not find him in his bed or anywhere in the house, scared me so bad at first, he had went into our newly remodeled family room (used to be our garage) and slept on the floor. He also has really vivid dreams that affect him even awake. Just the other night he had a mouse dream, woke up completely freaked out at 3am so we brought him into bed with us, but for 3 very long hours he was scared to sleep and kept saying “what’s that, there’s a mouse”. Needless to say when the alarm went off at 6:30am we turned it off and slept in because we had just gotten him to relax and go to sleep at 6am. He seems to be getting worse with his sleep walking too. I’m exhausted between him sleep walking and his brother being really sick with bronchiolitis. He has an appt. next Thursday to discuss getting a sleep study done to test for sleep apnea because he snores badly so I plan on asking then about his sleeping issues then. Will this get better or stop? I’m just concerned he isn’t getting enough sleep especially since he gets up early and goes to school all day. Does anyone else have these issues with their June Bud?
Now on to the twist of great news: Shane and I are getting married! Well we are already married through the courts and now we are getting our marriage blessed in our church. We are having an all-out gown, tux’s, the whole shebang wedding. I am so excited and in wedding planning mode since we meet with our Father and decided. We are having our ceremony February 25th, 2012, 10 months and I cannot wait! I already have the church, the venue, and a photographer. I am buying my dream wedding dress on Saturday, it is just gorgeous and I am in love, it gives me the feeling. I have two bakers quoting me for cakes, one just gave me her quote and it is an awesome price she is also making and giving us a real sample cake in May so that we can taste it and make sure we like the look we picked out. The other baker is also a wedding planner and she is working up a quote for us to do a lot more; like the linens, cake, flowers, center pieces, favors, directing the wedding, and lending us the chaffing/serve ware. I’m hoping her price is reasonable so we can go through her if not we will be doing a lot of it ourselves. I’m blessed that my FIL is a chef at a prestigious country club so he is going to buy and cook all of the food for the 200 + people on our guest list.
Anyway thanks for listening and I will keep you posted on his appt.

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I love the new pictures of everyone. Congrats on the church wedding! That's good news.

I'm sorry to hear about all the major sleep issues. I hope someone has some answers for you- I'm sure you're at your wits end!!!

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SOOOO excited for you wedding. I want to see pictures of the dress. You too so deserve a nice wedding.

Sorry Vincent is having sleep problems. I hope you get some answers soon for everyones sake.

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Exciting news about the wedding. How fun!

As for the sleep walking, is he having a sleep study for the apnea? He should see a sleep specialist, which probably means a type of neurologist. That doc can answer your questions much better, including about sleep walking and apnea. Could all be related. I hope you get some answers. That sounds terrible!

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Sorry about the sleep issues. Brandon is a pretty good sleeper for the most part these days. I would definitely get the sleep study done because he could have apnea and that can wreak havoc on sleep.

Congratulations on the wedding!!! You deserve it!!!

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My brother was a bad sleeper too, sleep walked, slept so deeply he wet the bed, etc. It seems to run in our family, as I did some of the sleep walking stuff, but not nearly as frequently. We all grew out of it, but not until we were adults. During stressful times, it was the worst. I was once under a lot of pressure with college courses, etc. and I opened my window up during the night, in January, in MN :S Totally didn't know I did it, until I woke up several hours later freezing Smile I would put bolts on the doors, lock the windows and maybe even get some sort of door alarm for at night.

Congrats on the wedding, how exciting! I had a lot of fun planning ours Smile I bet it will be awesome!

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Sylvia doesn't sleep walk but she does have night terrors where she'll sit up and scream and it seems like she's awake because her eyes are open but she's actually still asleep. When she does this I can't do anything for her....I can't even touch her because it makes it worse. It's gotten a lot better as she's getting older but she is still a horrible sleeper. She still wakes up multiple times a night and can't get back to sleep on her own. That's a big reason why we co-sleep.
I had night terrors and sleep walked as a child and I did outgrow it although I am still a poor sleeper.
I hope the specialist can give you some answers and I agree with Fawn about bolting doors and windows. I think all you can do is make sure he can't hurt himself when he does it.

Congrats on the wedding! That's so exciting and I can't wait to see pics!

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Thats my anniversary too! Great choice Smile