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    Default Thanksgiving plans

    What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

    We are driving up to my parent's house for Thanksgiving. My grandparents are in their 80s so I want them to have a chance to see CJ before Christmas. We are planning on leaving around 3 or 4, whenever CJ gets up to eat and after I finish pumping. It's a 6-hour drive from here to the SF Bay Area so hopefully we'll only have to stop twice and don't hit too much traffic. My mom is here visiting so she'll be taking Brandon so we only have one kiddo to worry about. Thanksgiving will be at my parent's house and then on Friday there's a Christmas parade I want to take the boys too, plus we'll probably go out on Black Friday.
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    I'm still hosting it at my house, this is the 3rd or 4th year of that and I really enjoy it. This year will be very different, unfortunately (see Buds07 board for the reason), but I am thankful for everyone in my family & extended family who will be with me during this year's holidays and I plan to enjoy myself as best I can.

    I do not go out at ALL on Friday after Thanksgiving, it sickens me, and besides that is my decorate-for-Christmas day!!!! actually though I will be at work this time on Friday.

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    We are having a small feast just DH, Austin, and will be the last holiday just the 3 of us. Our families are coming down next week anyway for Baby Girl's arrival. We're not going to cook too much, I can't fit much in there anymore! lol Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    We are going to FIL house for dinner and then Gma for dessert. My parents sleep over my house so I can go out to the mall in the morning with my Gma and aunts. not too early. Then we all meet for lunch its become a tradition. I am done my shopping so this is just for fun.

    Kim- can't believe you little girl will be here soon. Can't wait to meet her. KUP!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    We are actually staying in town this year, it will be SOOO nice. We usually drive to the ILs house which is four hours away. I am making the turkey and dressing this year and taking it to my Gma's house. Should be interesting! And I'll probably venture out a little on Black Friday. I'm one of those crazy people who has not even started shopping yet. I will do a alot of it online though.

    Kim - Yea for Baby Girl! I'm sure you are getting so excited! KUP.
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    We stay home and have Thanksgiving with friends. We found it was so much more enjoyable to celebrate with friends rather than family! I do black Friday, well it started on Thursday, shopping. I mostly buy prizes for a non profit I am the president of. Each year we throw an all night graduation party for the seniors who graduate from the high school my DH teaches at. I have been doing it for about years now. Anyway, we give each graduate a gift the night of the party so we shop for gifts on Black Friday. It is the only way we can afford to make sure each student gets a gift. This year I bought 240 gifts and spent just over $2,700.00. It was crazy, but fun! While my crew was waiting in line, I did buy stuff for the kids so I am mostly done shopping now.

    Kim, I can't wait for your little girl to get here! Can't wait to see pictures of her!
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    We stay home as well, so its just the 4 of us, but we really like that instead of driving somewhere, as all our close relatives live 4-6+ hours away. I made a small turkey and all the fixins We go out of town for Christmas, so we like to stay home for Thanksgiving.

    Excited to see your little girl Kim!

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