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Update time!

What is your pumpkin doing these days?

Pumpkins name:
Grade in school:
Teeth lost:
Any other interesting things?

Can't believe these babies are 6 1/2!

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Name: Holly

Pumpkins name: Kaitlyn

Grade in school: first grade

Hobbies/interests: Good grief, this girl likes everything. Right now it is gymnastics--and she makes us crazy perfecting her cartwheels and handstands in the living room. She also loves swimming and wants to be back in swim lessons just as soon as she can. She's trying out wrestling since we are there for big bro, but I'm not sure she loves it. Also loves reading and generally being a perfectionist.

Teeth lost: NONE yet! I'm not too surprised, Joseph lost his first tooth at the end of first grade--at 7 years and 4 months. So she might have to wait until halfway through 2nd grade to lose the first tooth.

Any other interesting things? Kaitlyn is just loving having a real life baby doll around. She is so strong from gymnastics that she is actually really good at picking him up out of the swing etc and carrying him around the house. She is a great help at dinner prep time if he starts fussing, she'll pick him up and sit with him on the couch and talk and sing to Oakley. It is very cute!

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Pumpkins name: Darren

Grade in school: K - about to graduate!

Hobbies/interests: DINOSAURS!!! SHARKS!!! READING!!!
I swear this boy will become a paleontologist or oceanographer.
His art is getting really creative - he loves drawing ants as well as dinsosaurs.
We are looking at martial arts this summer.

Teeth lost: None - not any even loose yet

Any other interesting things? I am just amazed at how quickly he is absorbing school, reading, spelling and math. I don't remember reading in K! And of course he is a fantastic big brother. There are moments between them but usually because he doesn't want to do what she wants (she is a bossy britches).

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Kelly--so glad Darren is doing so well! It is amazing that reading happens in K now, rather than 1st grade. It really has been a downward shift in school--but I think it most kids really are ready for it by Kindergarten. Glad to hear he is such a good big brother too! Kaitlyn has her moments with Weston too--he can be so irritating because of his personality--fun loving but a TEASE! but she is great with Oakley--a regular little mama!

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Pumpkins name: Bella
Grade in school: Finishing first grade on June 15th
Hobbies/interests: Loves figure skating, dancing and reading
Teeth lost: 4, all of which were pulled due to 2 "shark" teeth, she has one more loose

Pumpkins name: Trey
Grade in school: Finishing first grade on June 15th
Hobbies/interests: Loves baseball, soccer, golf and Wii
Teeth lost: 2, pulled by dentist when they got very loose but would not fall out. 2 more loose!

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Name: Monica
Pumpkins name: Siennna
Grade in school: Will be done 1st in 3 days! Can't believe I will have a 2nd grader
Hobbies/interests: Sienna loves gymnastics! She will be going twice a week over the summer and is very excited.
Teeth lost: 2 so far
Any other interesting things? She won her 1st grade spelling bee! (it was only 3 kids who decided to participate though) She was very proud of herself, and I feel it is quite an accomplishment for my shy little girl (who isn't so shy anymore).

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Congrats to Sienna on the spelling bee! Our school doesn't have one :/ Kaitlyn would have wanted to do it for sure though-she wants to do every school activity! She just tried out for the talent show, playing a piano solo. She is not too far in lessons yet, though. I'm the one holding her back because I don't give her the material fast enough--so hard to find the time to sit down and do a proper lesson. Good thing I'm not homeschooling Wink

Isn't it amazing they'll be in 2nd grade! I was shocked last year when I had a 2nd grader. Next year I'll have 3rd, 2nd, and Pre-K! Time is flying by Sad

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Congrats on the spelling bee!

I can't believe 2nd grade is upon us!