Update on us!

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Update on us!

Hey girls, thought I would update since we have had a few things going on lately.

First, Austin's frenulum (tongue-tie) procedure went great! He did great with the sedation, and his tongue appears to be healing just fine. He had his 4-yr checkup last Friday and the dr. said he is a healthy little boy. He is in 50th percentile for height and weight, and he got 4 shots, the last ones he has to have until he is 11. Yay! He didn't even cry though, he just flinched a little when the nurses stuck him. I think he was focused on the sucker that the nurse was holding in her hand. Wink

Second, I had my NT scan yesterday and everything looks great with the baby! Hallelujah! The dr. even made a gender guess - I was kind of surprised, but he said he is 80% accurate at this stage. It looks like we may be having a little....GIRL! Biggrin I knew it! I have had a girly feeling all along. Wink But mostly I am just thankful that everything appears to be healthy so far.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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GREAT updates!! Congrats on the baby girl Smile Glad the clip went well!

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Thanks for the positive update! It sounds like things are going well with you guys!

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Yay for good news. I read your NT scan update yesterday. I am so thrilled for you. I know things have been scary especially with the spotting, but thankfully your little one looks great. I'm glad Austin's procedure went well and that he got a healthy report from the pedi.

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So happy for ya! xx

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That is a great update! Glad everything looks good, and they're guessing a girl! That is great! I am also happy Austin's surgery went well.

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Aww, that is such good news. Glad everyone is doing well, including the little pink peanut! I heard that they get a lot of shots at the 4-year checkup so I'm glad Austin took it well.

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Yeah for everything. I was just thinking of Austin today wondering how it went.

So excited for you to have a little girl!

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Those are wonderful updates! I'm so glad Austin's procedure went well and he had a good appt. I'm ecstatic to hear your peanut is growing well and healthy, congrats on a little girl too.

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That's great!!!