Updating birthdays thread

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Updating birthdays thread

Now that our board is bigger I'm thinking we need to update the sticky with our LO's birthdays and other info. If you would like to be added please list your info here.

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I have Ethan on 6/8!

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I don't know if this is just to add the Jan-May 2007 littles ones or to weed through the active/non-active June 2007 members as well but I still want Vincent to be included on the birthday thread, we visit often even if we don't always post.

Vincent June 5, 2007

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Yes please keep Eva on as 6/30 Smile

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Don't worry girls, I'm not pruning it, I just want to give the new members of our board a chance to be added, now that we are January-June.

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Drew is May 4, 2007 Thanks for thinking of adding others Smile

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We have been here a little, but please add Isabelle 5/3/07