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Hi everyone, it's so slow here Sad I was just curious if anyone else's Junebud has not really gained weight at ALL in the past 1-2 years (just got taller)? Eva has been hovering at 36-37 pounds for what seems like 2 years now.

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Hmm...he is still slowly gaining, and getting taller. He weighed himself the other day and was 42.5. But he's always been on the bigger end of the percentiles.

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Benny's been gaining, but definitely slower. My kids all trend towards being fatter as babies and then slimming down from 3 years old and on. He was off the charts big as a baby and is now down to 50th percentile. But he's definitely growing in height. I wonder if that will slow down like my older two did. I'll know more when we go for a well visit after his birthday, but I'm thinking he's about approximately 40 lbs now. (His big sister is about 8 lbs more LOL.)

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Harlee gains a few pounds, then seems to lose it (or gets taller) - she has been between 37-40 lbs for quite awhile.

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Eliza has been 41.5 lbs for like a year and yet she gets taller every day! She is 44 inches now!

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Madi is still on the smaller side. She fluctuates between 30-32 lbs. and I'm not really sure how tall she is. Alana is 43" so I'm guessing Madi is around 39". She has a long body and short little legs, lol.

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Yeah, kids to lose the baby fat and gain height after age three. Adrian has always been little so he doesn't have any baby fat to lose as he gets taller. He slowly gains, I think he is almost to 34 lbs now.

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Ethan is also getting taller, by leaps and bounds, but he's not gaining much weight. That actually surprises me though, he eats like a horse, and ALL DAY LONG!! He's still pretty small for his age though at about 31.5-32 lbs.

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Austin is the same as Eva - he's been around 35-36 lbs for the last couple of years. I have no idea how tall he is, but he has def grown in height during that time. The poor kid is like a beanpole, so skinny...you can see his ribs and his chest bones through his skin when he has his shirt off. Sad He has always been a picky eater but it's not like we starve him, even though that's what it looks like...lol

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Brandon is getting taller but not gaining much. He's probably a little over 40 lbs. now but the doctor seems fine with his growth. Chris and I were both tall and skinny growing up so it looks like he's taking after us.

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Thanks everyone! I know she's getting taller, and she eats great, it was just odd how she has not even gone up one bit in about 2 years.