Is it weird....

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Is it weird....

that Harlee can wear clothes anywhere from a 4T to XS 4/5? I was just going to through her clothes to see what I need to buy for summer and most of her 4T shirts fit from last year, but all her winter clothes are 5T or XS? Are they basically the same size? I'm a little confused......

It is good though....less I have to buy! Wink

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Grant wears some 3T and 4T shirts. His 3T pants are getting too short- looks like he's ready for a flood. His jammies are all 5T. It is also strange to me how the sizing works. I can't just go in and buy him clothes anymore and just assume they'll fit.

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Brady is all over the place with what he wears... I think all of the clothes manufacturers should get together and use the same size pattern!
It really depends on who you get the clothes from. Some of Brady's clothes are 24mo, some are 3T... go figure!

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I think 4T and 4/5 are pretty much the same, but I have the same wierd sizing problem that you all describe.

My DS will be 2 next month. He's a pretty big guy, about 30 lbs. and about 32 inches tall. I haven't wieghed/measured him in a while. He wears size 24 mos./2 pants, and is in 4T tops! Short sleeves he can get away with 3, sometimes even 2 depending on the brand, but his arms are so long that he has to have 4T long sleeved tops. His pajamas are 3X, while the pants are fine, the tops are getting a little small. It was getting annoying because the stores would have such cute sets of pants/tops and I couldn't buy them because one piece would fit, and the other wouldn't. Sometimes it's hard to find separates for infants.

My DD was kind of the opposite. She'd wear sizes waaay longer. When she was 2 1/2, I bought her a pair of 18 mo. jeans, and they fit her for another year after that! Now at 10 1/2 she's all arms and legs, so she's in mostly 10/12.

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Gavyn's the same way. Most of his 4T stuff still fits, but we've had to get him some 5T stuff as well. And some of the 5T stuff is way too big, while other 5T stuff fits spot on. Who knows?

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I think all brands vary. So, a size 4 in one brand might be the same measurements as a 5 or an XS in another brand. Not weird at all.

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I find the 5T pants are too long, but she can wear 4 pants or sometimes 5 pants. My mom asked someone who worked at a clothing store and she said that the T's (3T, 4T, 5T, etc) are made with extra room for a diaper, and that 4,5 are basically the same sizes but without the room for the diaper. However, Claire can't wear 4T pants anymore but can fit into 4's. So I just don't know if that is true!