Welcome January-April 07

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Welcome January-April 07

I see that our group just got a little bigger Wink

Welcome and please introduce yourself!

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Wow, welcome to all the new members! I'm eager to get to know you all! Biggrin

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:wavehello: You probably won't see much action from the Mar/Apr group. Our board faded away about a year ago.

Nice to see you girls here though. Biggrin

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Hello! I am Angie and I still hang out around here daily, but yea, our April 07 board has been pretty dead for a while. We almost all keep in touch on FB. I hang out on the Scrapbook board, the book board, the DYSAL and my new Dec 11 board though.

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Welcome ladies!
We always love to chat here, we are a little slow, but most of us still check in once and a while.

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Welcome everyone!!!

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Welcome! Always fun to meet new people Smile

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Hello ladies, nice to see you all here. Glad I finally got the chance to check in, its been awhile Smile