What's everyone up to this summer?

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What's everyone up to this summer?

Summer is such a fun time of the year. Anyone have any special plans this summer?

We spent a week in Palm Springs vacationing with family and then a week visiting my family in the Bay Area. The last two weeks we've been here at home, but we try to do at least one really neat thing each week. Last week we went to the La Brea Tar Pits and museum. This week we went to the Natural History Museum and California Science Center. Not sure what we have planned for this week, but I'm thinking the zoo and the Children's museum in Pasadena.

This week my parents are taking Brandon for a week, so it will just be me and the baby. He starts school really early this year (April 14) so this will be a really short summer, given he didn't get out until the end of June.

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Sounds fun!

We'll head to Gatlinburg this fall for a week. The fun will include but not be limited to: Dollywood, meeting up with a PO mama from DD1's BB, hiking in the Smokies, and going to the Aquarium. Can't wait!

As for this summer, no major plans. Just taking 2-3 day weekends here and there to visit family.

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Busy being pregnant. Too much nausea and SPD to do anything at all. The heat doesn't help since we don't have air conditioning where we live!