Lets see if we can....

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Lets see if we can....

Get this board more active! I know its been a long time since I have been here because of the low number of posts. But I am willing to try to get it going again...I am going to add it to FB and see if we can get some more interest generated.

Hello to all those that are still here!!!!!!! Let us know how everyone is doing!

p.s....will update my picture of Amelia when I get home. Biggrin

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Hi I'm Kim, mom to Claire (Aug 2006) and Addison (Nov 2008) just thought I'd introduce myself.

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I'm here too, but like most of us - I typically only lurk since no one seems to post! Maybe the FB idea will help generate some traffic!!

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Hi!!!! You know me:)

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Hi, I'm Samantha. Mom to Joshua (September 18 2006) and Kayrael (November 29 2010) and Step-mom to Stephen (August 09 2007)

Hopefully this board will start being active again Smile I'd like to see how other moms of 2006 kids are preparing for kindergarten and dealing with the difficulties that come with raising 4 year olds:) and also share some great things as well Smile

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I am Rebekah I used to be a regular at one point of time. My daughter was born in Oct/06, and I had another baby girl Nov/10. Alexis will be starting school in Sept that is a scary thought!!

Hope to see more moms on this bored as well. Also hope everyone that just lurks is doing great!! Smile

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