Iud and pregnancy?

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Iud and pregnancy?

Been feeling queasy and eating a ton the past few days. Freaking out I maybe preggers. Dr said iud was more than 99% effective. Guess I wil find out. Going at lunch to buy a test. I heard if u get pregnant on iud it is high risk.

Anyone get pregnant while on iud?

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Took a test. Negative Smile

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Good friend of mine got pregnant on an IUD this spring. Had it removed immediately, but I guess there's a 1:3 chance of losing the baby anyway with IUD removal. She was unlucky and lost the pregnancy. It's not the first person I heard of that has got pregnant on an IUD.

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i got pregnant with an iud..baby # 3 was my iud baby......paraguard T-390.......

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My sister is currently pregnant with her 5th, after getting pregnant with an IUD (Paraguard)

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My IUD fell out unknowingly and I got pregnant with #2. I always tell people to double check their strings every once in a while! lol.

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I have a friend who got pregnant with her 4th with an IUD in. Didn't realize she was pregnant till 18 weeks as she felt great and was used to not cycling on the IUD. She ended up delivering the baby (and the IUD~) healthily and uneventfully Smile

I had an IUD after my 2nd and I was constantly convinced I was pregnant due to cramping (always my first pregnancy symptom) and random nausea or whatnot. I had it removed Smile

Glad that everything is okay with you!