Big news for our bunch!

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Big news for our bunch!

Hi ladies! I hope you are all doing well with your little ones! Jude is now 9 months old and so much fun! Peyton, my 7 year old daughter is the best big sister to him and it's a good thing, because we are about to become a family of FIVE! We are in complete shock, but so excited and blessed! It took us five years to have Jude so this is definitely unexpected, but we couldn't be happier! I go in to the doctor the beginning of March for my first visit, I'm praying for a healthy baby and hopefully a little less morning sickness this go around. Dara

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Congrats !!!! How exciting!! We will be a family of 5 in June. It is exciting and nerve cracking the same time.

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Congrats - so exciting! The transition to 3 kids was seamless for us, so I hope the same for you both!