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Hi girls, I see the board is super quiet. I know we're all busy with our little cuddle bugs. My baby girl cut her first tooth last weekend! I can't believe how fast she's growing. My DH put her in the walker the other day and her tip toes touch the floor and she started pushing herself backwards already! She has her 4 month immunization appointment on Feb.1st. Yes, she's going to be 6 months, but we've had a bad flu season and working as a pharmacy tech, I saw first hand how many kids were sick at that time and I didn't want to take my healthy baby to the Dr.'s office where she'd be surrounded by kids with the flu. Well, I hope all our August Cuddle Bugs are doing well!

Here's a picture from a couple of days ago. My DH put her burp cloth around her head.

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Sure is quiet!
Just adding that grandson Forrest Reed now has his first tooth. Nice of him to let Penelope go first, right?

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What a gentleman! Baby Penelope cut her other bottom tooth a few weeks ago! I can't believe how fast she's growing!

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Rayce and Ryin both have their 2 bottom teeth. They cut them at the same time.

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Hi! Sure is quiet. I check in from time to time. Bailey (July 30 baby) has NO teeth yet (her brother was an early teether so this feels odd!). I think I see a slightly swollen gum though.
Cold and flu season hit us hard so solids had been slow going - started her on stage 1 oat cereal and banana at the same time and simultaneously she broke out in blistery rash on chin and cheeks which went away as soon as I stopped the solids. No reaction since then (have not tried those foods again yet). Also I forgot about her 4 month shots so we are behind and we get her 6 months shots next week at 8 months. Oh well. She is moving around (mostly pivoting and reaching) on her belly and does well sitting up. She also loves standing with help. And she is 21 lbs.
I am having to much fun being home with my toddler (2yrs + 10m) and the baby. I would have missed out on soooo much with the toddler had I not been home this year for maternity with Bailey.
Hope everyone is doing well.

(yup - they are both gingers).

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