2 year appoinment question

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2 year appoinment question

For those who already have 2 yo, did they get any shots at their 2 year check up? I gotta scheduled Tommys soon and I will ask, but just curious. Hoping not.

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Just took DS to his the other day & no shots:). I kept him on the "recommended" vaccine schedule & doc said no more until kindergarten - yay!
Hope your guy is done too.

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Madelyn did, but I cannot remember which ones. It depends on your vaccine schedule as well.

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Yeah I didnt do any delay in the shots, although I think - if I remember correctly- he didnt get 1 last time as it would have been too much. But I think it was optional- I gotta call soon and schedule and ask! Thanks!

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yepper...julia got 2-3 dont quite remember.

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We don't get any shots at 2 here.