2 year updates!

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2 year updates!

I know this is a little early, but Cooper had his well child today so I though I'd start it up!

Clothing size:
Shoe size:
Favorite activities:
What he/she is learning:
Diaper size/potty training:
Anything else?
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans?
Update on you:

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Height: 37.5"
Weight: 28.5 lbs
Clothing size: 2t/3t
Shoe size: 7/8
Favorite activities: Legos, play dough, coloring, swimming and running everywhere!! Loves yo gabba gabba and Elmo. And still crazy about books.
What he/she is learning: has alphabet and numbers pretty much down, trying to move towards letter sounds.
Diaper size/potty training: size 5, hopefully starting serious potty training in a few weeks
Anything else? Loving life with Cooper lately. He is a blast and a joy!
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans? Not really, small trips exploring Colorado. Hoping for Disney next February.
Update on you: love love loving Colorado and working from home. I like being able to be a part of Coopers day every day. Trying for number two, meeting with new ob in a couple of weeks!! Broke but happiest we've been in a long time!

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Jill it's great to hear from you!! Glad you're doing so well, you have to drop in more often. Smile Good luck with TTC!

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Rowynn isn't 2 yet, but I can't imagine enough will change and I will forget if I don't do it now...sooo..

Height: 32.5in
Weight: 23lbs
Clothing size: 24m/2T
Shoe size: 7
Favorite activities: reading, playing babies, playing with fiona, watching mickey mouse, playing outside.
What he/she is learning: nothing specific. We work on colors and shapes and that kind of stuff every so often, but we don't really work on specific stuff.
Diaper size/potty training: 4. We're going with the flow, she peed in the potty like 4 times yesterday and twice today. We're not working on it, but we ask her every so often and take her anytime she says she has to go.
Anything else?
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans? Beach, and Disney in September!
Update on you: We're doing pretty good. Trying to get into Michael's new rotating schedule this year and working on our photography/digital business. Egan is awesome, Fiona is getting to be out of her difficult phase, and Rowynn is always sweet.

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Keep us posted Jill on TTC #2 Smile I still need to find a new OB/Fertility doctor

Ann Marie, Rowynn is tiny/ava is huge!!! Ava was 23 pounds at 8 months old LOL We have our 2 year appointment on the 29th so I'll post then but I'm pretty sure Ava is 31 or 32 pounds.

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Height: 35"
Weight: 26lbs 12 oz
Clothing size: 24/2T top; 18mo pants
shoe size: 7 1/2 wide
Favorite activies: Jumping, running, playing "power rangers", typical boy things, LOL!
What he/she is learning: What ISN'T he learning? He's talking in complete sentences most of the time, he's got a remarkable grasp on the English language, he's currently working on recognizing his Alaphabet letters. He can say all of the letters and recognize A and B. He can count to 11 and use his fingers to count to 5. He's over all extremely intellegent!!
Diaper size/potty training: He's in a size 5 huggies, and we'll be actively potty training in one week...hopefully...
Anything else? Not really!!!
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans? Just work and school. I'm hoping to make another trip to San Antonio and possibly Houston and Dallas.
Updates on you: I'm currently working on my Masters in TESOL. It's a hard, vigerous program, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm working Full-time now at school and I still LOVE my job!!! We've had to move into my mother's house temporarily, but as soon as i'm done with school. I'm hoping to have enough in savings by then to put a down payment on a house. Life is super busy, but i'm lovin' it!

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Clothing size: 24 months/2T Pants are always too long!!
Shoe size: 5
Favorite activities: Mega blocks, coloring, painting, playing with her babies.Loves to snuggle up and read books. Helping Mummy around the house!
What he/she is learning: Talking up a storm. Understands directions well. Counts up to 10 and learning colors. Loves to sing the ABC's.
Diaper size/potty training: Size 4 diapers. We are potty training and it is going ok as long as we are home during the day. I am in no hurry though and am aiming for Emily to be potty trained by next year this time. (Fingers crossed)
Anything else? It is so fun to watch the world through her eyes, everything is so fun and exciting!!!
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans? Emily received a trike from us for her birthday and I can't wait for the snow to clear so we can take her outside and enjoy it.
Update on you: Have been spending more time at home. It has been hard for me not to go to work everyday but we decided we didn't want someone else raising Em's. When I can't take being at home and start going a little crazy hubby stays home for a couple of days. We are very lucky that we have that option and don't take it for granted!! But with having our own biz it is sometimes hard for the 3 of us to spend time altogether.

Will have to post some new pictures here soon....

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I wish more of the 'old timers' would come out of hiding and post in this thread! I'd love to hear how all the march babies are doing now!

Height: 35 1/4"
Weight: 25 lbs
Clothing size: 3t pants (she needs them for length, but the waist is always too big) and 2T shirts
Shoe size: 8!
Favorite activities: Singing. She sings all day long. I am always amazed by how many songs she knows! Also really
into dancing, playing drums and piano and just anything musical.
What he/she is learning: She knows her letters, colors, shapes, numbers, can add small groupings up to 10 and we are starting to work on reading sight words. She can also memorize a song after hearing it 3 times. She talks and has better grammar than I do!
She recently tested at a 1st grade learning level (not what she knows, but how quickly/what she can learn), and we are now pursuing a preschool program for accelerated learners.
Diaper size/potty training: 100 % trained at home. 50-50 when we are out. Hoping to be 100% all the time by our trip to Disney World this September.
Anything else? Just loving life with my amazing little girl! Matt is running for State Legislature right now, so that keeps us all pretty busy! Trying to enjoy each moment with my family, as time seems to keep going faster and faster! I just love how much Chloe can do right now. She is such a sweet, spunky, and creative little person. What a fun age!
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans? 3 Disneyland trips planned and one to Disney World! Whoop Whoop! Also thinking about taking a cruise for my b-day in July. Turning 30 this year. Boo! Chloe has lots of b-day parties to attend in the next couple months, so that'll keep up pretty busy too! Oh, and also hosting a Pintrest party in May. I'm pretty excited about that!
Update on you: Doing good! Trying to get my body back in shape now that it's swimsuit season around here! Must.Stop.Eating.Cookies! Most of the time we're in the car these days, driving from one activity to the next! I really enjoy keeping us busy and Chloe's schedule full of fun activities. Matt and I have been taking one night a week to go on a date night, which is just awesome. We're both so busy these days. Him with his campaign, and I am working on making my local moms group a non-for-profit. We don't get a lot of time together just us, so those date nights are pretty precious to me! Just loving life and loving my family. Feeling blessed! Smile

Here's a pic of Chloe on her b-day-

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Height: 34.5"
Weight: 25lbs
Clothing size: 18-24 months, some 2T for length
Shoe size: 6
Favorite activities: singing, painting, gardening, gymnastics, swimming. I've really started backing off of organized activities after reading "Simplicity Parenting" and for us, it was a good change of pace
What he/she is learning: Everything! She's a little brilliant sponge. She knows her alphabet (spanish and english), colors, numbers, shapes. We are working on recognizing letters and the sounds they make right now.
Diaper size/potty training: She's 100% at home, hit or miss when we are out. I'm taking a stand back approach now. She'll figure it out when she wants, I suppose. She tells me each day if she wants to wear panties or a diaper, and I just take her lead.
Anything else?
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans? We just spent a week in Aruba on a much-needed family vacation. Otherwise, no other travel plans.
Update on you: I'm doing better than I was before. Wink Jaime and I have decided to do Dave Ramsey and get out of debt completely. Once we sell the stupid house in NM things will be much easier. Jaime is gone a LOT, so I am just trying to take it one day at a time right now. Plus I have ridiculous baby fever, ha ha. Nothing can come of that, though. Wink

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Height: 34.5 in
25 lbs
Clothing size:
Some 18mo, mostly 24mo/2T
Shoe size:
5/6 Her feet haven't grown in awhile.
Favorite activities: Following her brother around, playing with her kitchen stuff.
What he/she is learning:
She's not really interested in learning her letters and numbers; she will try to count and and knows how many "two" is. She knows purple and pink pretty well. I'm sure she'll pick it up eventually.
Diaper size/potty training: Size 4/OS and ML or L for cloth; she has recently taken an interest in using the potty but she gets lazy about it and has accidents. It's only been within the past week or so. I plan on hardcore training her sometime this summer because I know she is ready.
Anything else? Noel is really adorable and it's fun to watch her learn new things but since she has an older brother it's sometimes hard to see her individuality as much. She does love to call things "baby" if they are little and she definitely has more "girly" tendencies.
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans?
Yep, my hubby just did his first 5K and is doing another one this month; Micaiah is doing a kids run then as well. We are going to my parents for Easter weekend and we have a trip planned for my SIL's wedding in July and some family visiting us in June.We also just put in a garden and have been doing a lot of stuff outside (DH especially) to the yard. The kids love being outside all of the time but I am dreading the hot hot summer when it's just too hot to go out.
Update on you:
I am trying to exercise more and eat better especially in the next 6 weeks or so as I have a 10 year class reunion in May and am in the wedding in July. I'm also flying BY MYSELF up to Iowa to help out my SIL after she has her baby at the end of this month. Excited to have a break from the kids and be able to help my SIL out and love on a newborn!