Anyone still nursing?

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Anyone still nursing?

Just curious---Alice will turn 2 in June and is still going strong. Until age 2 I nurse on demand and she nurse's 5-6 times a day now, but I'll regulate it a bit better later on.

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Jake weaned about 2 months ago at 20 or 21 months. It was a good run, but I was ready to have my body back ~ before then I had been pregnant or nursing or nursing and pregnant since May of 06 and frankly I was more than ready to have my body back to myself. He made it very easy, so it was the right timing for both of us Smile That is great that it is still a good working relationship for the two of you! Enjoy it!

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Jackson was done at about 13 months, I think. I did 15 months with Carson. Smile

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John will be 2 on 6/5 and he's still nursing. I don't mind nursing, it's the all-night-buffet that bugs me. Since I work, and DH stays home with the kids, it's John's only time to nurse, so I do it. *Sigh* I wouldn't mind sleeping through the night though, just once in a while.

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I totally planned on long term nursing (I nursed until 2.5--totally the norm in my family), but Adair self-weaned with a vengeance at 13 months. She always hated being stuck facing in, and took to food right away. To be honest, I was pretty ready for her to be done by the time she totally quit anyway, so I wasn't sad like I thought I'd be.

The only bad part was that one side tried to get engorged while I was waiting to dry up, even though we'd been down to only one night session for quite a while. I tried to get her to help me out and she REFUSED, screaming like I was trying to torture her! Had to do it myself in the shower.

At least I didn't have to do any active weaning!

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Sadly we are done. Of course I did nurse my twins until they were two. Before bf I always thought ppl were crazy to nurse past a year, and then my dd hit one and I realized she was still such a baby. And then after seeing many ppl do extended bf here at this site, I've converted a bit. : I nursed dd for 15mo, ds for 18mo, and before I even got pg with the twins I let dh know I would be nursing until they were two. I was not entirely ready to wean, I really really love nursing, but we did a slow weaning, and it all worked out okay. Smile

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Halloway was 2 March 31 and she is still nursing strong! 2 was my goal, so whenever she's done, that's fine with me. Though I don't think it will be for a long while. I keep joking to our family that she'll be 5 and Lio will be 3 when they're done, and Lio will wean before her, but to be honest, I'm not really joking. I pray to God she is done before then, but I figure I'll end up as one of those crazies who is still BFing her preschooler. And to think, before I got pregnant with her I thought nursing past a year was crazy! Lol.

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My DD will be 2 next week, and she is still nursing a couple times a day. I night-weaned her around 20 mos I think- the all night nursing wasn't working for my pregnant self. But now that she nurses a few times a day (usually upon waking, at nap time and at bed time- sometimes she skips one of those, sometimes she asks at some other random time), and is willing to accept a no if I say it (although I don't honestly have a reason often to turn her down), we're doing really well. I'm due in June with #2 and I'm interested to see what happens... it could still happen that DD weans before then (though not highly likely), if not, I'll tandem nurse. My goal was to get DD to 2 years- so at this point, she can quit or keep going as she needs.

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My DD is the exact age of Mara's. We're in the same boat, as far as nursing is concerned. This is my longest time doing it. DS1 had his last nurse the day before he turned 15 months, and DS2 weaned at 22 months. Eve is somewhat of a booby monster and demands it in the morning, when we get home from work/daycare, and at night (sometimes a couple times).

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Still nursing here!!

Night weaning still has not happened... he starts out in his bed, but is back for "blankie" usually by 11. Ah well.. lol... I still sleep pretty good!

I am shocked we are still going, and honestly? I am getting nervous he won't ever stop LOL!!

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Fiona is still nursing a lot. A half dozen times a day and once at night. I don't mind during the day, but with her being 2 next week, I think I'm ready to night wean. lol.

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I'm (almost) 24w pregnant and still nursing my 19mo!!! I'm so proud to have made it this far. I am preparing myself that he'll wean before new baby arrives. His nursing habits have changed drastically since around 19-20w pregnant. I'm going to be so sad when he weans Sad I love our nursing relationship.