Bad Parenting Picture

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Bad Parenting Picture

So, With the insanely nice weather we're having in Northern Wisconsin I decided that we NEEDED to get a bike trailer for Izzy so we could get outside to have some fun. The first experience was less that fantastic, as she HATED the bike helmet, and screamed and screamed as soon as we strapped her in. I'm honestly kind of surprised no one called the cops on us, she sounded that bad.

We rode over to Nana's house to say hi and she had calmed down a little when we snapped this picture

She had finally stopped crying by the time we got home. Poor kiddo!

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See now I would say that a bad parenting pic would be of u taking off the helmet because she was crying too much! Good for you for sticking it out! But...poor Izzy!

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Awww poor Izzie, but she was safe and sound and looked super cute, even through the tears

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I agree with are a good mummy!!!....The amount of parents I see with their little one in these bike trailers without helmets on...Grrrrr it makes me sooo growly... Parent has a helmet on but kid doesnt....seriously???...if they get hit by a car, what on earth do they think is going to protect the child???...My friend rolled his at the end of our street, it hit the curb as he went round, had his twin daugthers in it and they both got knocked around alot, they were too scared to go back in it for AGES!!!...
So YES good mummy for not giving in and taking the helmet off Smile

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Haha, thanks ladies! I didn't really think I was being a bad parent, just that maybe it was mean of me to take pictures of her being so sad. It'll be a great picture for future boyfriends to see, hehe Smile