Calling all Peanuts!!!

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Calling all Peanuts!!!

So lets here em- who has a little peanut LO!!!!

I do! Tommy had his 2 year pedi appointment today. he was 23lbs exactly and officially below the chart- but barely. And he was 33.25 inches- 25%. No concerns and I am finally over my picky eater. He will eat as much as he wants. Doctor has zero concers, he is right on track or slightly above for everything. Couldnt be happier with my little man!!!

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Noel is on the smaller side - she is probably 26ish lbs now at 28 months but she is taller. I don't remember her height but it was about 50%. My son was SO chubby at this age so it's a little different for me.

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Me too!! Jacob is about 34 inches and almost 25 lbs. He eats well but he is also a little peanut!!

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Alice is far from a peanut! She's 30lbs 6oz. And is 34 inches tall. So around the 75th percentile on both.

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Izzy certainly isn't a peanut height wise. Her 2 Year checkup was earlier this month and she was at 26 lbs, but 34.5 inches tall. My picky eater is tall and skinny like her daddy. The Child's feet are growing like crazy, though. She was wearing a size 5 shoe back in April for sure, and I got her new size 6 shoes for her birthday that she's already outgrown. Size 7 already... yikes. And she's sleeping like crazy right now, so we'll see if she's going to shoot up some more.

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Sully is far from being a peanut. He's 32.5 lbs and 36 inches. DS1 has always been in the 40-50%, so it's shocking for Sully to be so tall. DH and I are not that tall either. I'm 5 6" and DH is 5 9".

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Leo will be 2 in September so I'll give you and official update then. He was, however, 25.5lbs and 28.5" - in other words, a shorty! This is a surprise since I'm 5'8" and DH is 6'1". He's a bit of a tank, though - not fat but built like a fire hydrant! I'm sure he'll grow, though, so I'm not worried. Just a little surprised he's so little!

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My LO is a peanut. He's 26 months and just 23 lbs. I don't have his recent height though. He wears 18 month clothes still and they're big. My older DS was so much bigger than this one looks tiny. The pajamas that DS3 wore last night are the same ones that DS2 wore at 8 months. He eats like a bird, one bite or two at meals and even turns up his nose as snacks most of the time. I'm glad he's still nursing but since I'm trying to lose weight, my milk production as crashed.

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camelnoodle. I am glad we are in good company with these peanuts! Tommy eats fairly decent with my parents and DH but with me its like pulling teeth to get more than 5 bites out of each meal. He is still addicted to milk so thats the majority of his calories. My nephew is a good eater and thankfully Tommy has decided to compete with eating with him. We are still in 18 month clothes, with a decent amount of 24 month clothes- especially in the pants. He out grows by length before anything else.

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