February 2010 2 yr check in

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February 2010 2 yr check in

Height:33 ins 50% Weight: 25.5lbs 25-50% Clothing size: 24 mo's Shoe size:6 Favorite activities: playing in the play room or at the playground...she loves her brothers toys! What he/she is learning:she is learning to talk pretty well for a 2 yr old...I am trying to potty train a little. Diaper size/potty training: 3 Anything else? Do you have any fun spring/summer plans?maybe buying a new house Update on you:everything is good and dandy...I maybe getting a minor surgery in the few mo's ahead but its all 5X5!

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Hi Stef! I'll be back to update soon. Smile

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Height:I can't remember :bwush:
Weight: 26 lbs
Clothing size: 18-24 mo's pants/24 mo's-2T tops
Shoe size:5/6
Favorite activities: going to the park, playing pretend with her dolls
What he/she is learning:We're working on her ABC's and Numbers. She can't recite the full alphabet, but knows letters and that M is for mommy etc. She can also count to 14, but always skips 12???
Diaper size/potty training: 4 diapers. Potty training is coming in May (I'm on vacation).
Anything else? Talking up a storm, but some words are really unclear. She's going to see an ENT for possible Adnoid issues so I'm hoping this will help her pronunciation too????
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans? Hopefully I'll be home from work most of the summer so i can organize the house and spend more time with Erin
Update on you:10 wks preggo! Due in October.

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Height: 34.5 in
25 lbs
Clothing size:
Some 18mo, mostly 24mo/2T
Shoe size:
5/6 Her feet haven't grown in awhile.
Favorite activities: Following her brother around, playing with her kitchen stuff.
What he/she is learning:
She's not really interested in learning her letters and numbers; she will try to count and and knows how many "two" is. She knows purple and pink pretty well. I'm sure she'll pick it up eventually.
Diaper size/potty training: Size 4/OS and ML or L for cloth; she has recently taken an interest in using the potty but she gets lazy about it and has accidents. It's only been within the past week or so. I plan on hardcore training her sometime this summer because I know she is ready.
Anything else? Noel is really adorable and it's fun to watch her learn new things but since she has an older brother it's sometimes hard to see her individuality as much. She does love to call things "baby" if they are little and she definitely has more "girly" tendencies.
Do you have any fun spring/summer plans?
Yep, my hubby just did his first 5K and is doing another one this month; Micaiah is doing a kids run then as well. We are going to my parents for Easter weekend and we have a trip planned for my SIL's wedding in July and some family visiting us in June.We also just put in a garden and have been doing a lot of stuff outside (DH especially) to the yard. The kids love being outside all of the time but I am dreading the hot hot summer when it's just too hot to go out.
Update on you:
I am trying to exercise more and eat better especially in the next 6 weeks or so as I have a 10 year class reunion in May and am in the wedding in July. I'm also flying BY MYSELF up to Iowa to help out my SIL after she has her baby at the end of this month. Excited to have a break from the kids and be able to help my SIL out and love on a newborn!