Gift to sibling from new baby?

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Gift to sibling from new baby?

Did anybody buy an existing child/sibling a gift from new baby? I have heard of people doing this and am putting some thought into what would be nice. (DS is 2 and DS is due in 3 weeks).
My firrst reaction would have been a truck or boat or something for DS but then I started thinking maybe a doll or teddy (which are both strange ideas since he doesn't really play with either) so that he could mimic me when the real baby is home. i.e. if real baby is crying and I am dealing with that and DS wants attention I could ask him to comfort his "crying" baby or bear. Ditto with diaper changes, etc.

Any thoughts?

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I have friends who bought gifts for the older child from the baby. Most of them the older kid was a girl so they bought them a doll and some baby accessories- like little diapers and a stroller. I think its cute. Do you think he would mimic you or the baby with a teddy or doll? Does he have a favorite type or toy that might excite him more than a teddy?

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I think a doll or teddy would be great. We got my son a doll while I was pregnant with his sister. And he loves Baby. Baby came everywhere with us for month and months after Alice was born. He would change her nappy (Baby is a girl, like his sister) and he even tried breast feeding her, which made me laugh my head off! Anyway, its been 2 years and he still sleeps with Baby, but she no longer goes everywhere with us.
We didn't give him Baby from his sister though, she was more of a get used to a baby kind of thing a few months before I was due. Alice gave him some Duplo and a Little Einstein DVD (he was obsessed with the Little Einsteins!)