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So I know alot of us did the intro thread but figured we could do a GTKY thread to know more about our newly formed group! I am not very creative tonight so any other questions we can add or maybe do a QOTD/QOTW if everyone is interested?

LOs Name and DOB:
LOs personality:
Hows the sleeping?
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes:
Potty training?

Whats your favorite food?
Fav drink?
Where did you meet your DH/SO?
Work or SAHM?
Favorite Guilty pleasure?
Favorite Store?
What type of music do you listen to?
Any furbaby(s)?
Do you like where you currently live?
Favorite vacation spot?
Best thing about being a mom:
Any fears?
Anything else you want to add?!

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Ooh me first!

Name/Age: Vicki/28
TTC starting July
LOs Name and DOB:
Noel Patience 3/3/10
LOs personality:
Girly, active, stubborn
Hows the sleeping?
She is tough to get to sleep at night but she sleeps about 11 hours and takes a 2 hour nap.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes:
Loves almost any fruit, boiled eggs, pancakes/waffles, mac and cheese, the usual kid stuff; isn't fond of most hot veggies but will eat salad, doesn't like bread crusts
Potty training?
Is interested and will pee on the potty if you put her on but she won't tell you when she needs to go and has accidents. She wears underwear when she is awake at home and a diaper while we're out.

Whats your favorite food? Sushi may be my new favorite. Shrimp is good too. A good turkey dinner with all the fixins...
Fav drink?
Where did you meet your DH/SO? On a mission trip
Work or SAHM?
Favorite Guilty pleasure?
Dramatic tv, real-life reality shows
Favorite Store?
Miracle Hill (local thrift store)
Couponing/deal hunting, shopping, surfing the net, watching evening tv, taking the kids out to parks and playdates, girls nights out, church activites
What type of music do you listen to?
Mostly Christian contemporary, some country, pop, and rock
Any furbaby(s)?
Raven the cat (4), Gus the leopard gecko (4)
Do you like where you currently live?
Yes except for the hot hot summers. I wish we had more of the four seasons but I really like our town and all of the things there are to do here.
Favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere with my man and away from the kids!
Best thing about being a mom:
Watching your kids grow and learn new things every day.
Any fears?
That my family will be separated by death or divorce.
Anything else you want to add?!

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Name/Age: Leigh/32
TTC/PG/Done: Probably done, will make a decision to either TTC or really be done next year
LOs Name and DOB: Adair Lucille, 7/6/10
LOs personality: HILARIOUS. Seriously, anyone who meets her must comment on how funny she is. She is exuberant and joyful most of the time...and just as dramatic on the other end of the spectrum. I see her being some kind of performer, seriously.
Hows the sleeping? Pretty darn good lately, KNOCK ON WOOD. She does wake up wicked early, but otherwise no complaints...this "being a good sleeper" is really new, though, so I almost can't quite believe it yet.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: Oh man, she is a food fiend. Her favorites include avocado, cheese, bread/crackers, peas, and chicken. Her dislikes are mostly just passing toddler stubbornness more than anything...most of them she'll actually eat in another context (like she won't touch bell peppers on her plate, but if I'm chopping them at the table she can't keep her fingers out of the bowl...)
Potty training? Not yet, other than putting her on sometimes when I know she must need to go, just so she starts getting used to the concept
Whats your favorite food? Hmmm...I don't know, that's tough, I'm kind of a food fiend too! There isn't much I don't like besides cilantro and goat cheese
Fav drink? I only drink coffee, water, and DRINK drinks (no soda or anything) Favorite? Well, depends on what time of day you're asking Wink
Where did you meet your DH/SO? Living in NYC after college, through friends. Kind of a long and funny story but maybe a little too convoluted for a basic GTKY...
Work or SAHM? Both! Part time...I'm in book publishing, currently as a graphic designer
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Um, being an internet chatterbox?
Favorite Store? Hmmm...that's hard too. Different stores for different purposes! I really love thrifting/antiquing though
Hobbies? Sewing (also a bit of a business!), camping, reading
What type of music do you listen to? Most kinds, really, but I really like alt country, folk rocky kinds of stuff
Any furbaby(s)? 2 big dogs: Roscoe! (a boxer, age 7) and Rosie (suspected to be a rhodesian/lab/pit mix, age 6) DD looooooves them, and calls them Rah Rah and Ro Ro
Do you like where you currently live?LOVE IT
Favorite vacation spot? Mexico/Central America...particularly the beach parts
Best thing about being a mom:Getting to live my life with this incredible, amazing little person, and watch her grow. Getting to see the world through your kid's eyes is really something unparalleled.
Any fears?Just your basic run of the mill type...I'm a pretty happy and optimistic person Smile
Anything else you want to add?! Hmmm...will come back to this if anything comes to mind!

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Name/Age: Dani, 26
TTC/PG/Done: Done for now? Hopefully will TTC again sometime down the road.
LOs Name and DOB: Izzy, July 5th 2010
LOs personality: A reserved ham... if she's comfortable around you, she's a total goof. She already LOVES shoes, makeup, and shopping bags (has ot have her own little bag if we are shopping), so is definitely a girly girl!
Hows the sleeping? No complaints!
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: She's never been a fantastic eater, but her favorites are M&Ms (thank you Nana...), Chicken, cheese, pizza, and apples. She doesn't care for many veggies.
Potty training? Haven't started yet, but am thinking we will maybe introduce it around her 2nd birthday.

Whats your favorite food? Anything that is high in carbs... so bad, but so delicious.
Fav drink? Arnold Palmers, or wine Smile
Where did you meet your DH/SO? DH and I met through a roommate of mine in college
Work or SAHM? Mostly SAHM, but also part time work as a substitute teacher.
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Vampire Diaries?
Favorite Store? TARGET!
Hobbies? I don't take much time for my hobbies any more, but I enjoy reading, and dabbling in art. I may also play dungeons and dragons with DH and our dorky friends... shh, don't judge!
What type of music do you listen to? A variety. I love Coheed and Cambria, Fall out Boy, Dashboard Confessional (ah
Any furbaby(s)? Two kitties, Red and Boober, and a Dog, Sparta.
Do you like where you currently live? I like the people in the town, but it's small compared to what I was used to before getting married.
Favorite vacation spot? Disney World!
Best thing about being a mom: Everything Smile I LOVE the way Izzy lights up even my bad days, and her hugs and smiles are great treasures.
Any fears? Irrational, butterflies... I HATE them. More rational, losing my DH because he's confused and depressed--but I try to stay positive about all of that...
Anything else you want to add?!

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Name/Age: Sara 31- yuck
TTC/PG/Done: Hoping for 1 more, DH is on the 1 and done thought right now.
LOs Name and DOB: Tommy 7.13.11
LOs personality: Stubborn, no patience, a complete ham, loves when he is making you laugh, sweet, clingy, attached. Totally mamas boy
Hows the sleeping? Better. 1-2 night time wake ups. He sleeps about 10-11 hours at night and 2 hour nap during the day
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: Eating is going better here. Still a milk fiend. Has to have it all the time. His favs: waffels, freanch toast, eggs, cheese, peas, bologna, hot dog, grilled cheese, pasta, yogurt. Dislikes- he is getting used to avacado, wont even try it if he doesnt recognize it.
Potty training? Nope. Not even close, I am figuring around 2.5 ISH. He will let us know if he poo'd but thats after the fact, he just isnt ready and I dont want to push it

Whats your favorite food? Carbs! I am a horrible eater myself fully admit it. But carbs and me are buds! Italian food and mexican food I could eat for every meal and be fine!
Fav drink? Non alcoholic I would say lemonade, ice tea and coke. Also love wine, spirit with cherry vodka, white russians
Where did you meet your DH/SO? A bar. Yes a country bar to be exact. But it was due to friends wanting us to meet- I was with someone else and before we got together I cut off things with the ex.
Work or SAHM? Work. I work for a large bank as a Sr. Ops Consultant. I like it, have been with the bank 12 years. No intentions of leaving.
Favorite Guilty pleasure? We mainly watch reality TV. So I would say that is my guilty pleasure. That and I have a thing for pricey expensive jeans. I have no problem spending $200 a pair.
Favorite Store? Macys, Target, Old Navy
Hobbies? I really like taking pictures and have a snazzy camera but need to do another lesson so I can learn more. I like to scrap book- but no time, shopping, and line dancing- again no time
What type of music do you listen to?Country
Any furbaby(s)? Yes 1. Juno is 8.5, he is an Alaskan Snowbob. DH got him for me for Xmas in 2003. He also is a mamas boy
Do you like where you currently live? Yes. I grew up in this town and while is bigger in population, its still a small town and everyone knows everyone. DH wants to move in 6 years when he retires from the Navy and move to NV. I am going with it for now, but I'd rather stay here in my comfort zone.
Favorite vacation spot? hmm...Camping. We love to camp and its suck a great way to decompress from the stress of work and life.
Best thing about being a mom: Seeing everything through his eyes. Being the one person he wants all the time. Its so sweet and such a special bond that is not describable and hard to express in words.
Any fears? Yes... hehe. I have a fear of needles. I only had blood drawn my whole life when I was PG. And I have to lay down and they have to use the baby needle. I will have a panic attack and hyperventilate. Even thinking about it makes me not want to straighten my arms out. Its pretty bad.
Anything else you want to add?! So happy to have new people on this combined forum. really makes me excited. Yes i think I have said that few times now. but its true. Oh and I totally passed out putting tommy to bed tonight. He is so darn snuggly I cant help it

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Name/Age: Nat 35 but only for a few more months AHHHH the big 40 is getting closer!!!
TTC/PG/Done: All done here, Andy had the snip 6mnths after Charlie was born...Happy? Hmmmm, would love to have more, but realistically 3 is enough...
LOs Name and DOB: Charlie 17th July...
LOs personality: Cheeky, funny, cuddly, mummies boy....naughty, testing, squealy...
Hows the sleeping? Brilliant, sleeps all night in his big bed and has a nap during the day, but only for an hr, or he takes forever to go to sleep at night...
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: LOVES meat and pretty much anything bad for him, but eats well....Loves fruit and yogurt....will eat pretty much anything I put infront of him...AND EATS ALOT!!!....
Potty training? Im actually starting on it now, but only because for the last 6mnths hes been able to push the wees out on que so Ive thought "ahhh why not" will see how he goes but not going to push it if hes not interested...Ive been sitting him on the toilet before baths for months and have just started popping him on there before and after sleeping...Hes even woken a few nights with a dry nappy!!!....He has spent the last 2 days in pull ups and has done really well only using 3 in 2 days!!!...

Whats your favorite food? Ummmm Hard choice, Im such a foodie....but Chocolate is high on my list with icecream....Being a chef I get quite creative with meals so we eat quite well Smile
Fav drink? Vanilla latte is my favourite hot drink at the moment...and Bourbon is my acoholic choice, Ive got a friend whos FIL make home brew and its LOVELY!!!...
Where did you meet your DH/SO? Through friends, I was with someone else when I met Andy...and thought he was a bit of all right Wink and when all fell through with the other guy, I jumped ship pretty fast HAHAHA....Im not good with being alone...OPPS....
Work or SAHM? SAHM but Im also self employed, working 9hrs a day 5 days per week, as an in home child educator contracted by a company called PORSE (a New Zealand born in-home childcare programme created by an amazing woman called Jenny Yule)....At the moment I look after a little girl who's 15mnths old and have been relieving for another educator while she is away looking after her 2 1/2yr old boy....So its a pretty full house here most of the time (and very noisy)....I will be picking up a baby when the mother of the girl I look after has another one...So excited about that as it will hopefully cure my baby fever Smile
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Hmmm cant think of any at this time....
Favorite Store? Dont really have I dont shop....other than the supermarket....IF I had money I would put Pumpkin Patch (NZ childrens clothing label) at the top...But I dont have money Sad
Hobbies? DOnt really have any anymore....Too busy with kids etc....But I will get into them hopefully soon...We love to snowboard, have missed 3 seasons so far Sad We LOVE the outdoors, tramping/hiking in the mountains, the beach etc...And doing stuff around the house, we are big on DIY we have just added 2 bedrooms and an ensuite to our house, so we are still finishing off the odd jobs left surrounding that, HENCE why we have no money Smile well that and 3 kids kinda does it to ya ....
What type of music do you listen to? Pretty much everything...Rock, pop, doff doff.....BUT you are all going to hate me for this I DONT LIKE COUNTRY...hahaha... its just not a big thing over here in NZ, not like it is in the US...
Any furbaby(s)? We have a long haired ginger and white Cat called Chutney....And a black lab called Marmite...
Do you like where you currently live? I live in a rural town called Masterton in New Zealand...Yeah I like it...It has so much so close by, beach, city and mountains all withing an hr of us....BUT at the moment our government is making it so hard for the average family to survive, many are leaving NZ for Australia and we wish we could make the move too, but shared custardy of my 12yr daughter stops us from doing it Sad
Favorite vacation spot? Havent vacationed in a while, but if its by the sea or in the mountains IM KEEN!!!...I do like to be where theres not many people...
Best thing about being a mom: Watching my children grow into loving caring people....And the cuddles....
Any fears?[/COLOR] Hmmmm Spiders and bee's/wasp's although Im getting much braver these days...But my biggest fear is DROWING....
Anything else? I LOVE TATTOOS on myself and on men....I have 3 at this point with my lastest being a quote I firmly believe....I have plans for a full sleeve that joins onto a full back but only covering one side of my back and side....AGAIN its the money thing that is slowing it all down....I NEED A MONEY TREE!!!....
This is the quote on my innner forearm:

Believe in yourself
And in your dreams
For those willing to believe
Life is a precious gift
In which anything is possible

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Name/Age: Brandi/33
TTC/PG/DoneDH says we're done, I'm not so sure, so I guess we'll see in the next year or so
LOs Name and DOB William 12/21/09 is supposed to be my '10 baby I also have Nicholas, 4/1/08
LOs personality William is all boy. He is loud and rambunctious (sp?) and loves anything with wheels, throwing balls, climbing anything he can and jumping off... he is also too smart for his own good Wink
Hows the sleeping He's a champ sleeper. Since 13 months he sleeps through the night, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes He is a pretty good eater and will try most food. He loves grapes, chicken and pizza best. He's not a big pasta eater and we have a hard time with veggies, but we're getting there.
Potty training He's day potty trained and has been since 20 months. As for nights, we're at about 50%, I'm not pushing it, bug it would be nice to eliminate the one pull up per day.

Whats your favorite food? I love food Smile I would have to say my "favorite" food though, would be a good pizza
Fav drink? I am an iced coffee adict
Where did you meet your DH/SO? Through a mutual friend
Work or SAHM: a little bit of both. I call myself a SAHM, but I actually work quite a bit these days, about 20-30 hrs a week, doing legal transcription from home after the kids go to bed
Favorite Guilty pleasure? pinterest Smile
Favorite Store?Target Smile
Hobbies? I have recently started running, I also love boating and I'm a scuba diver, but I don't get much opportunity these days
What type of music do you listen to? Mainly top 40
Any furbaby(s)? Kayla, our 5 year old yellow lab
Do you like where you currently live? It's not where I ever thought I'd end up, but yes, it's good to be home. When I was pregnant with our first we moved back to DH's and my home town and it's been a great thing for our kids to grow up with their cousins around and grandparents nearby
Favorite vacation spot? Growing up my grandparents owned a scuba diving resort on Roatan, Honduras, and that's my favorite spot ever. When the kids get a bit older I hope to either keep up the tradition of taking them there every summer or find a new spot our family can do that since DH isn't a diver and my grandparents have sold the resort.
Best thing about being a mom the hugs and I love you mommy I hear a million times a day
Any fears?just the normal fears we all have for our kids, but I'm not a huge worrier in general
Anything else you want to add?! ​Not that I can think of...

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Name/Age: Kierstin 28
TTC/PG/Done: Pregnant, due in Nov. with #4
LOs Name and DOB: Serenity. July 26, 2012
LOs personality: She is a princess. Somedays the only way to get her dressed is if I tell her she can wear a pretty pretty princess dress. She also loves her dolls, pretends to shop, and loves clothes. Shes a little sassy, but is a sweety. She loves to snuggle, and takes care of everyone (bringing her brothers, us, or other people their cups, food, blankets, etc). She loves to giggle, dance, and tries so hard to keep up with her big brothers.
Hows the sleeping? Good. She goes down around 7pm, then is usually up between 6 and 7am. She also take a nap around noon for any where from 1/2 to 2 hrs.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: She pretty much eats anything. She actually prefers the food my DH and I eat over the "kid" food we make her. She loves milk to drink.
Potty training? not yet, hoping that she will be ready this summer, but wont push it if shes not.

Whats your favorite food?right now it just depends on the day, and how I'm feeling
Fav drink? right now its water with a little bit of lemon-aide in it.
Where did you meet your DH/SO? We originally met when I was dating his older brother's best friend.. we used to go over to his house to hang out. Then, he started working at the same fast food place that we worked at and we slowly got to know each other better. We started officially dating our senior year of high school (graduated from different high schools) Smile
Work or SAHM? SAHM
Favorite Guilty pleasure? The internet
Favorite Store? Target
Hobbies? painting, watching movies or listening to audio books with my hubby, does napping count?
What type of music do you listen to? pretty much anything but hard rap and opera
Any furbaby(s)? a kitten, Callie
Do you like where you currently live? I love the house, and our land lord, just not too thrilled being out in the middle of no where with a 10 to 15 mind drive to get any where.
Favorite vacation spot? Vacation? whats that?
Best thing about being a mom: The little smiles, the hugs and kisses, hearing my kids say mommy... oh, I could go on and on Smile
Any fears? Learning to juggle a 4th baby. And just general fears that I am pretty sure all moms have
Anything else you want to add?!

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Name/Age: Katie, 27
TTC/PG/Done: Maybe in a few years, we're really undecided right now
LOs Name and DOB: Sully-7/23/10
LOs personality: He's very sweet, but also has a wild and crazy side too. His older brother teaches him naughty things Wink
Hows the sleeping? Pretty good. Bed around 8 and wakes around 630. He has no problems going down at night or for nap
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: Sully loves to eat! Some of his favorites are pizza, olives, tomatoes, spaghetti, and apples. He only doesn't like food when his older brother throws a fit about eating something. Swell.
Potty training? Hoping to try pretty soon. He knows when he's going and he watches his older brother, so I'm hoping to have him trained sooner than Ryken was.

Whats your favorite food? buffalo chicken anything
Fav drink? diet coke
Where did you meet your DH/SO? We met in 7th grade, started dating in 8th grade.
Work or SAHM? SAHM, but I'm looking for a part time job right now.
Favorite Guilty pleasure? There a quite a few shows I like that are pretty ridiculous. Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make it Or Break it. I could go on and on, I like tv.
Favorite Store? Target
Hobbies? Reading, knitting, photography
What type of music do you listen to? I really love music and will listen to most, but I listen to Top 40 stations the most.
Any furbaby(s)? Nope, we rent so we can't.
Do you like where you currently live? It's fine, but we're still new to the area and don't know too many people yet. We also want to own a house and be done with renting forever!
Favorite vacation spot? The best place I've vacationed is Montana, but I'll take camping down river with DH.
Best thing about being a mom: The hugs and kisses and cuddles. I love how proud I am of them when they learn something new.
Any fears? Lots. I have a lot of anxiety issues that I've dealt with my entire life, so I feel like I'm always worried about something.
Anything else you want to add?! NOpe.

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Name/Age: Stephanie/30
TTC/PG/Done: We're going to have another, but we're not sure when we'll start trying again.
LOs Name and DOB: Jackson/ 25 months
LOs personality: CUTE! I swear everything he does makes me giggle. Though, he can have a pretty big temper!
Hows the sleeping? Just fine!
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: Uh, he's pretty picky. His favorite food is bananas.
Potty training? He's fine if he has no pants/diaper/undies on. He'll go all by himself. But if there's anything on him, he has accidents.

Whats your favorite food? Chocolate Wink
Fav drink? Water
Where did you meet your DH/SO? We knew each other all through school, and then got together in High School.
Work or SAHM? SAHM
Favorite Guilty pleasure? I love those teenager movies Smile
Favorite Store? Does Amazon count Wink
Hobbies? Photography
What type of music do you listen to? Chick Rock (Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie, Train, Matchbox 20...), and Imagination Movers
Any furbaby(s)? A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bailey
Do you like where you currently live? Not particularly
Favorite vacation spot? Disney World! Can't wait for our trip later this year!
Best thing about being a mom: Watching my kids grow and learn new things.
Any fears? Illness. I have a problem with the thought of getting sick.

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Name/Age: Joee 33 (for a few more days, anyway!)
LOs Name and DOB: Dalton 7/8/10
LOs personality: Sweet and Spicy...
Hows the sleeping? Great! Still nurses at night, but we sleep like logs anyway!
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: He's not very adventurous, but he does like to eat! He really rejects meat of any kind, except the occasional corndog. LOVES cereal.
Potty training? Taking it nice and easy... he goes in and sits on his potty when his brother does, but so far has not shown much interest in actually making it happen. I am not gonna push it until after his second Birthday.

Whats your favorite food? Oh heavens... Asparagus! LOL! Any veggie, really Smile Cheese, food. FOOD. yum.
Fav drink? I love Diet Dr Pepper... so I don't buy it! AHHA! I drink a ton of water..and vodka. Love me some vodka.
Where did you meet your DH/SO? He was my employee! I fired him. LOL. then I married him.
Work or SAHM? SAHM.
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Facebook games. I try to stay away but they lure me back.
Favorite Store? Right now its Home Depot.. they are getting all my money anyway!
Hobbies? I am trying to start my gardens and get outdoors again! Other than that, not really.
What type of music do you listen to? Everything. For reals... just went to a Cannibal Corpse concert this weekend.... and I am listening to LMFAO right now haha!
Any furbaby(s)? NO
Do you like where you currently live? Meh.. its ok. Colorado is nice, but it doesn't feel like my forever home.
Favorite vacation spot? Cali, of course Smile
Best thing about being a mom: Knowing, giving, feeling, receiving PURE love.
Any fears? That my babies go before I do (ohmygosh that was written so so wrong before!)
Anything else you want to add?! I am so happy that we are all "getting along" and getting together! I want to see this place returned to its former glory!

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TTC/PG/Done: Not 100%, but probably done. I'm enjoying my freedom more and more as the kids get out of baby phase Smile
LOs Name and DOB: Jake, May
LOs personality: So easy going and funny.
Hows the sleeping? He sleeps from 6:45 till 8 am with a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: He is a big boy, a good eater. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that he won't eat, though he won't drink cows milk. He especially likes pasta, salmon, and quesadillas and soup or guacamole.
Potty training? He uses the potty during naked time, which is brief each day as its still chilly here.

Whats your favorite food? Something Italian. Or fish. I don't know, I love food and couldn't pick just one.
Fav drink? Wine.
Where did you meet your DH/SO? We met at 18 through a mutual friend and then started dating at that same friends wedding in France 9 years later.
Work or SAHM? SAHM
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Wine.
Favorite Store?A local home and garden store near us called Terrain.
Hobbies? Running, yoga, reading, wheel work pottery, entertaining, working out.
What type of music do you listen to? I'm all over the place
Any furbaby(s)? No. I don't like house pets since having children.
Do you like where you currently live? Yes, I love our home.
Favorite vacation spot? Europe.
Best thing about being a mom: My kids changed my life and I love everything about being a Mom. Its a great privilege to parent these little people and I love it.
Any fears? Its always scary hoping that everyone remains healthy (like big picture healthy, no cancer or serious illnesses) and hoping that they turn out okay in the long run and have happy/love filled lives etc.
Anything else you want to add?! No Smile

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Name/Age: Laurie, 29
TTC/PG/Done: We want one more...Not sure when we will TTC
LOs Name and DOB: Parker (8/26/07), Madelyn (1/29/10), Charlotte (3/3/11)
LOs personality: Madelyn is very girly and very much a drama queen! She always has to wear a bow in her hair and can never be told "no." Smile
Hows the sleeping? Madelyn is an ok sleeper, but she wakes up every night and comes and sleeps in our bed at some point or another. We need to figure something out because I really want my bed back!
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: She is a very picky eater! Favorites are probably strawberries and chicken nuggets. She dislikes most everything else.
Potty training? She will go to the bathroom on the toilet, but we are still very far from potty training.

Whats your favorite food? Hmmm...That's a tough one. Because I want one right now, I'm going to say a big, juicy burger.
Fav drink? Favorite drink is definitely Coke, but I limit myself a lot and mostly just drink water.
Where did you meet your DH/SO? We met through my sister. My husband used to work with her and she introduced us. We've been together 11 years, married 6.
Work or SAHM? Work 32 hours/week
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Watching stupid TV shows/movies.
Favorite Store? I can't remember the last time I shopped for myself!
Hobbies? I rarely have time for myself right now!
What type of music do you listen to? Pretty much everything.
Any furbaby(s)? Two dogs - a Jack Russell Terrier (Copper), a Jack Russell Terrier/Rat Terrier mix (Belle) and two cats (Sully and Nala).
Do you like where you currently live? Yes, I was born and raised in New Hampshire and I will stay in New Hampshire.
Favorite vacation spot? Love visiting family down in Florida. We are planning a trip to Disney in a couple of years.
Best thing about being a mom: Everything!
Any fears? Death of a loved one.
Anything else you want to add?! Not right now.

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Since I don't have any little ones (they are turning into big ones), I'll answer the 2nd group of questions.

Whats your favorite food? I like lots of food so it's hard to pick one favorite. I do like pasta though
Fav drink? water, coffee and wine
Where did you meet your DH/SO? We met at the hospital that we both worked at. He was the ER doc and I was a med/surg nurse
Work or SAHM? SAHM
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Skittles and the internet
Favorite Store? I like to wander through stores that always have different things in them...Dollar stores, Big Lots, etc.
Hobbies? Playing piano and violin, gardening, reading
What type of music do you listen to? I like a little bit of everything
Any furbaby(s)? 1 cat named Punkin
Do you like where you currently live? I love where I live. I'm happy that we will never have to move from our current house. It'd make me sad to.
Favorite vacation spot? I love spending time at our lake house. Being there is like a vacation.
Best thing about being a mom: I just feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to be a mom to 3 daughters. I love watching my girls grow up into lovely young ladies.
Any fears? One of my 2 fears came true....infertility. My other fear is cancer (hope that one doesn't come true)
Anything else you want to add?!

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Name/Age: Stephanie, 27, officially 6 months away from 28 tho Sad
TTC/PG/Done: im still on the thinking maybe another one but not sure
LOs Name and DOB: Alexis Sophia Thompson P****** 02.13.2010, yea she has 2 middle names, Thompson is my grandmothers maiden name.
LOs personality: Outgoing, funny, extremely sarcastic, so observant, she will notice anything and everything. She loves music and art, she will serenade you at any point! lol
Hows the sleeping? She is de-paci'd so it has been a little rough the last week or so but getting better. One nap during the day for about 2 hours.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: Absolutely hates beef but will eat ground turkey and turkey dogs all day long. She loves rice and past and most fruits. She has recently discovered chocolate (thanks easter bunny! lol) so she loves that.
Potty training? We are working on it, if she tells us great, if not its not a huge deal, we are going at her pace.

Whats your favorite food? Hot wings! I esp love Buffalo Wild Wings, i can eat them anytime!
Fav drink? I love Diet Pepsi, water, and tea.
Where did you meet your DH/SO? We met online Smile
Work or SAHM? I currently work but we are considering making some changes to allow me to go back to school.
Favorite Guilty pleasure? Chocolate or Ben and Jerrys Phish food ice cream, so yummy!
Favorite Store? Target, Sephora, Torrid, I just love shopping lol
Hobbies? I love Photography, I do it as hobby but maybe in the future as a side business.
What type of music do you listen to? I love pop, hip hop, r&b, I am a huge fan of Dev, google her...shes awesome Smile
Any furbaby(s)? 3 Dogs, Cuda (8, pit bull) Bella (7, Pit bull) and Hemi (almost 9, cocker spaniel/rat terrier), and many cats! lol
Do you like where you currently live? ehhh...yes and no...i would love to live in FL.
Favorite vacation spot? The beach!
Best thing about being a mom: Watching her grow up and blossom, seeing the each one of us in her.
Any fears? I HATE junebugs!!! I also hate pretty much any flying insect and spiders. I will scream lol
Anything else you want to add?!

Im really into cars, new and old. I can sometimes blabber on and on about them lol

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Name/Age: Kilah, 23 for another month
TTC/PG/Done: Done. But I fantasize of more, ha!
LOs Name and DOB: Halloway Page Wilde G***** March 31 (and the baby is Basilio Patrick Atticus)
LOs personality: Oh, she is my little ham! She is a chatterbox, always has something to say. She loves being naked, but "Poufy dresses" are her second pick. Wink She is absolutely fearless, which terrifies me. She'll flip off the back fo the couch and then stand up and cheer. Ay carumba!
Hows the sleeping? We're fine with it. Others probably wouldn't enjoy how many times she wakes up at night or the fact that she rarely naps, ha ha.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: She eats like a bird, but she'll eat anything. The spicier the better. As she says "Where's the spicies, momma? Needs spicies!"
Potty training?She is 100% daytime potty trained and I'd say 90% nighttime potty trained

Whats your favorite food?Oh, goodness! Ice cream. And chicken enchiladas (real ones though, not the crap you get from a mexican restaurant).
Fav drink? Water, tea, and horchata.
Where did you meet your DH/SO?At my mom's work
Work or SAHM?SAHM. But I will be starting Law School soon.
Favorite Guilty pleasure? General Hospital (though I only watch it like once a month, sigh)
Favorite Store?I have no idea!
Hobbies?Reading, writing, scrapbooking, sewing, cooking, gardening. But everything is limited and I don't do much of it with the kiddos
What type of music do you listen to? Anything but rap and country. The Beatles and Bon Jovi will alway shave my heart though.
Any furbaby(s)?No, but not for the lack of Halloway and my DH trying.
Do you like where you currently live?Eh, it works. I really like our city, but wish we were about 1000 miles farther away from my family
Favorite vacation spot? With the kiddos, Aruba.
Best thing about being a mom:Everything. Watching them grow and learn. Every day they amaze me and I am so blessed be a part of it all
Any fears?Death. Of Jaime or I dying before our children are grown, or even worse, something happening to one of our children. It seriously makes me want to hyperventilate.
Anything else you want to add?!

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Name/Age: Mara/almost 32
TTC/PG/Done: PG with #2, not done yet. Smile
LOs Name and DOB: Benita Alise, 2, Kong (in-utero nickname), due in June
LOs personality: Slow to warm, stubborn, loving, super-involved, can be independent too
Hows the sleeping? She sleeps a good 12 hours every night, but needs company falling asleep and needs comfort once or twice a night. I honestly don't mind- we still co-sleep, and I still love it. She naps about an hour a day- she's never been a "good" napper.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: She loves black beans, cereal, oatmeal, rice, cheese, yogurt, broccoli and carrots. She is not a huge fan of fruit in general- she loves the local mangoes and bananas we get in Laos, but, the so far she's turning her nose up at the ones we have bought in the States!
Potty training? She has a potty chair that she sits on now and then- she usually sits before her bath and often when I go to the bathroom as well- but she hasn't peed on the potty in a long time. If she doesn't make any progress in the next few months, I'll probably make more of an effort in some way once we get back to Laos in August.

Whats your favorite food? I love food in general. Smile Lately, maybe mango is my most fave.
Fav drink? I looooove sweet tea! Between being pregnant and breastfeeding, it's been a long time since I drank enough alcohol to care.
Where did you meet your DH/SO? At work (we are both teachers, though I am a SAHM now).
Work or SAHM? SAHM
Favorite Guilty pleasure? TV
Favorite Store? I love a good grocery store. Smile
Hobbies? These days I mostly just relax when I have time... but, I love to cook, travel, run and do yoga- I'm a breastfeeding advocate and am working toward having an actual title in this sense (especially in being able to be a resource for other women). I used to knit, but haven't done any of that since I moved to tropical climates.
What type of music do you listen to? I definitely have an eclectic taste in music- there are lots of different things I like for different reasons (in general, either a melody or lyrics that speak to me). That said, I generally do not like rap, r&b, jazz, or blues.
Any furbaby(s)? I do not have any pets right now- and I find I have less and less patience for animals, the longer I have kids!
Do you like where you currently live? I'm living with my parents (dad and step-mom) right now in the town I grew up in- I'd rather not be living WITH them, but I do like the town. My own home is in Vientiane, Laos right now- we've lived there since August, and are growing to like it.
Favorite vacation spot? For a long time it was Thailand, but, I'm searching for a more kid-friendly spot now, so I'm not sure anymore...
Best thing about being a mom: Watching my kid grow and change and become her own person.... it's amazing. And I do find it very rewarding to know I have something to do with it.
Any fears? Of course... I'm always worried that I'm not doing enough, or making the right choices- even if things feel right in my gut/heart.
Anything else you want to add?! Things are a bit crazy for me right now, as I'm away from my husband who is still working in Laos, while I'm in the States with DD awaiting the birth of our next baby. I look forward to getting to know all of you more when we get back home in August, and things get back into our new normal routine. Smile

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Name/Age: Rachel, 35
TTC/PG/Done: Can't say totally done yet, but definitely not ttc any time soon. Smile
LOs Name and DOB: Abram (12/28/09)
LOs personality: He is definitely the dominant twin currently. He is an excellent talker, and has no problems making his wants and wishes known. He is very good at saying sorry and giving love pats. He will eat almost anything and has awesome gross motor skills, I call him my little monkey, because he can climb and jump off of anything!
Hows the sleeping? He does okay. Nap time 1.5-2hrs, to bed at 8pm, awakes right around 7. He wakes in the middle of the night a few times a week.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: He really likes chocolate, he often brings me to the pantry and says, "chocka chips momma!". He will eat about anything though, fruit, veggies, meat, etc. Smile
Potty training? He does go occasionally, but usually only because Wyatt is going, and he knows Wyatt will get a treat, so he wants one too. Smile

LOs Name and DOB: Wyatt (12/28/09)
LOs personality: He is my little cuddler. He is a momma's boy for sure. He would love to be held and snuggled all day. But oddly, he is less shy around other ppl than his twin who seems to be more outgoing at trying new things and such. He is a bit of a whiner, but probably because he does not have the verbal skills yet that Bram has.
Hows the sleeping? He sleeps 1-1.5 hrs for his nap, to bed at 8, and wakes around 7am, but he wakes up 6-7 nights a week, and at least once a night, sometimes two.
Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: He loves to eat yogurt, loves it! He likes most fruit, and not a lot else. He's fairly picky.
Potty training? He likes to go, and almost anytime you ask, he will go. But just not pushing it much yet. Smile

Whats your favorite food? Chocolate!
Fav drink? water or milk, I LOVE milk!
Where did you meet your DH/SO? On the internet
Work or SAHM? SAHM
Favorite Guilty pleasure? facebook games or tv. Love my netflix and watch all kind of stuff late at night when all the kids are in bed.
Favorite Store? Hmm... I like thrifting or Target. Not much a shopper really, even before kids, and yeah, twin 2yr olds at the store, not my idea of fun. lol
Hobbies? I used to like to scrapbook, haven't done that in forever. I like to read when I can, photography for fun, and talking on the phone. lol
What type of music do you listen to? I love top 40, country, easy listening, and 80's-90's, especially the hair bands. Smile
Any furbaby(s)? Nope. Always thought I'd have them, but I prefer not to clean up poop from any more animals currently. Smile
Do you like where you currently live? Yeah. It makes me sad to think of ever leaving it. Love our older kids school, our church, community, etc. Sometimes I wish we were further away from the drama that is my family, but then I would miss them too.
Favorite vacation spot? Hmmm.. I don't know. We only ever get to go to AZ, as that is where dh's mom and his 2 full siblings live, so we go there once a year, and can't afford much beyond there. I served a mission for my church in Northern Cali (Auburn, Corning, Redding, Fall River, etc) and DH did also (but San Jose area), so I really really want to vacation there again (haven't been since pg with my daughter, over 10 yrs ago).
Best thing about being a mom: Hugs and kisses and seeing little personalities develop from the littles. From my older kids, watching them become little adults and making great choices, seeing them become kind compassionate talented ppl.
Any fears? I fear losing my family members. My 31 yr old brother passed away in August, unexpectedly. Life seems very mortal now, sadly.
Anything else you want to add?! Nope. Smile

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Name/Age: Jubilee, old enough Blum 3 31
TTC/PG/Done: We're expecting baby #2 June 6!
LOs Name and DOB: Penelope, 2/2/10.

LOs personality: She's so joyful and happy. Everything is an adventure, everything is exciting. It's refreshing to be around her.

Hows the sleeping? She sleeps great, unless she's sick.

Eating- Favorites and Dislikes: She's only lately started to eat meat. Loves macncheese, of course. She enjoys fruit but only some veggies. I keep trying though.

Potty training? We keep trying, and she has yet to "get it".

Whats your favorite food? Probably fresh made salsa.
Fav drink? water with a lemon. I also love iced tea when I'm not pregnant, and cold white wine.
Where did you meet your DH/SO? At a bar-
Work or SAHM? SAHM
Favorite Guilty pleasure? I'm not ashamed of enjoying myself Smile but the biggest time waster is plants vs zombies- a dumb iPad game. I keep going back to play. My husband and I like to watch Jersey Shore- we don't feel bad about it in the least, but everyone else lets me know I should Wink

Favorite Store? Nowadays, JoAnn fabrics and crafts. My, how I have aged!

Hobbies? I knit constantly and love my knitting club, I sew, read, and do yoga and run- just not lately.

Any furbaby(s)? I have a cat- don't like calling her a fur baby because she's just our cat. Nermal. She's like a dog, follows us around even on walks.

Do you like where you currently live? No way! But home is where the navy sends us... sigh...

Favorite vacation spot? Well, the south of France in Nice is my all time favorite. Here in the states, Cape Cod and Las Vegas. I am DYING to go on a vacation with just my husband! Maybe next summer.

Best thing about being a mom: All the love flowing both ways. I have so much love to give, and a little person who wants it all! Imagine that! Also I like how motherhood teaches me that life is more than what I want when I want it.

Any fears? I'm afraid of too much happiness because I think it can't last. But I'm very blessed and very happy in my marriage and my children. It's a good time in my life, for once. I'm grateful.

Anything else you want to add?! Nope.