Hi all!!

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Hi all!!

Sorry I have disappeared but we have had lots going on! My husband has been offered a job in Switzerland so we are moving... lots to do! Scary but very exciting at the same time. Jacob is doing well, we is a typical terrible TWO!! He is very sweet but also quite strong willed. He is talking lots and seems to be doing ok with the Greek and English. We finally seemed to have cracked the potty training so really pleased we got that done over the summer! I think the turning point was getting rid of the diapers completely during the day as he was getting confused otherwise. He is also doing great off his UTI meds and we have had no problems. We had his 2year check and he is on the 25th for weight and the 60th for height. Peanut!
How are you all? Would love to hear updates!
Here a snap of him on his birthday Smile

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Hey girl! Wow look how big the kiddos have gotten! How awesome about the new job! That should be fun!! Glad to hear things are going good with your little man! We have come a long way from being teen parents huh? Smile

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YAY for jumping back to the boards. Look how big he has gotten! So crazy how they are now 2! How soon are you moving? What an exciting adventure to be moving ! Tells us your tips on potty training... we only offer a few times a day and definitely havent pushed it.

Nothing is really new here. Right now DH and I are thinking of buying a bigger larger house with some property. Which in So Cal is a bit pricey and difficult to find exactly what we want. But really, same old same old! Glad you are back!!